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  1. I would like to see Page Origin editing like in Publisher implemented in Designer. I think it is a great help in precise editing. It would make Designer even better than it already is! Keep up the good work! Hans.
  2. Thank you, that worked. Now I will go to the Affinity Designer forum to list it as a feature request :-)).
  3. And it is not in the "customize toolbar" menu.Schermafbeelding 2018-09-25 om 22.11.00.pdf
  4. Well, yes, there it was in, but not in my copy of 133 for Mac! Schermafbeelding 2018-09-25 om 21.57.50.pdf
  5. To reposition the ruler origin: From the main toolbar, enable Edit Ruler Origin and drag the ruler origin to your desired position. Where has this function gone? Was there in 128, can't find it anymore. I find it really useful and I would like to have it also in Designer. Publisher is really going to be a serious competitor in publisher imho, thx. Hans.
  6. Thank you! It works not as directly, but absolutely good enough. I think I will be back here with things I "missed" (I'm a bit hasty sometimes); the possibilities are endless and it will take me some time to master it all. Great app, that I will use a lot.
  7. I'm new to AD, and having fun trying all possibilities, but I have 1 question: after drawing a line with the pen tool or with the pencil or brush tool I see no tool to alter the line width other then for the whole line. In illustrator this can been done with an excellent Width tool. The brush palet can only change it at beginning and end of the line; not in between. Searching the documentation and tutorials has not helped so far. This is an important tool for me, so please tell me I missed something!
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