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Found 4 results

  1. I photographed a fisheye photo and cropped it. Then I put on a lens distortion filter and put it on -70%. I cropped the result once more and then I started editing. I used inpainting brush and the selection was not where I selected it. I made sure everything was set up right and it was. This problem occurs for all tools, excluding patch tool and lasso (free selction tools actually). Also the selection with the brush is distorted under the effect of lens distortion filter. I don't know if I am missing something but it is nothing I could find on internet. I am sorry if I am wrong. Everything you need to replicate this is to put some strong lens d. filter. Thank you for your time!
  2. Tried out a fisheye lens on my camera (canon 800D) last saturday and wanted to see how it looked. But when I open it in affinity photo it opens it very shortly and closes the program down. As you can also see it made the corners black and deforms my picture. This is probably because it is trying to do some lens correction or whatever. The added movie was with (develop) assistant manager turned off. When turned on it closes down even quicker. I am either doing something horribly wrong, or affinity photo is failing on me. I have also tried opening the picture in other programs and they render the picture perfectly fine. ap_fail.mp4
  3. Hi Folks, New user here - came across something I can't figure out how to fix. When I open a DNG file shot at 10mm on APS-C (which makes it a pretty distorted fisheye), Affinity Photo auto-corrects the distortion when it opens the RAW file into develop mode. Unfortunately for those rare occasions where we might want to maintain either the original fisheye or some lesser degree of correction, it seems impossible to do so. I've tried opening the RAW file and immediately deselecting "Lens Correction", but it's still straightened and cropped. Not sure what else I can do to have Affinity open the RAW file and keep it's original as-shot geometry. Thanks!
  4. This more about learning Affinity Photo than about getting really good results but I wonder how I would go about trying to "defish" the attached image. What tools can be used for this? This has been created with a 6.5mm Meike fisheye.