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  1. This wasn't the news I was hoping for, but at least I know now not to waste more time. Affinity Photo is a great product, and I've plunked down my $50 for it, but given prior statements by Affinity about doing anything to help with the state of running this on Linux, I don't see myself blowing any more cash on future versions since it's such a chore to boot into Windows solely for this single program. Guess I'll need to keep looking for a good photo editor and DAM that will at least run in Wine. Pity.
  2. I believe it varies quite a bit Photoshop version to version. CC2018's page is here, and lists gold-class compatibility, (whereas Affinity Photo 1.5 is listed as 'garbage-class [won't install]). https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=36206 I'm beginning down the road of troubleshooting Affinity 1.6.5 installation via Wine since I have a license for the Windows version.
  3. I think that if Affinity could at least work on making the Microsoft version of Affinity Photo work properly via Wine/PlayOnLinux, that would be enough for most of us. Affinity is literally the only Windows app that I have to boot into Windows for, and that's a huge chore. Photoshop works fine in Wine, Lightroom, etc. For whatever reason, Affinity Photo won't even begin to install via Wine, which is a rarity among Windows apps. Quite disappointing!
  4. Unless I'm missing something on Vimeo, I haven't seen anything from Affinity on developing milky way photos, which I assume is kind of a common task. It's also something I'm terrible at so far, both with Affinity and Rawtherapee. So I'd love to see an official video, or even a series on developing milky way shots to bring out the color, and developing astro photos in general.
  5. Hi Folks, New user here - came across something I can't figure out how to fix. When I open a DNG file shot at 10mm on APS-C (which makes it a pretty distorted fisheye), Affinity Photo auto-corrects the distortion when it opens the RAW file into develop mode. Unfortunately for those rare occasions where we might want to maintain either the original fisheye or some lesser degree of correction, it seems impossible to do so. I've tried opening the RAW file and immediately deselecting "Lens Correction", but it's still straightened and cropped. Not sure what else I can do to have
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