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Found 4 results

  1. Will Affinity Publisher support colour fonts please? As part of this, will Affinity Publisher when using a colour font, produce a PDF that shows the colours please? It may be that PDF does not support colour fonts as such, but Affinity Publisher could possibly work round this by producing a multi-layer conventional PDF automatically where the text layer is repeated as many times as necessary in order to have one colour in each layer so that the display looks good, though I accept that could be tricky depending upon how colours are ordered for each of the glyphs in the font. For example, if there are, say, blue letters each with green holly leaves and red berries, and each glyph has the colours in the same order that could go down to three layers blue, green, red. Yet if the font has lots of emoji and there are many colours and they are not all in the same order in each glyph that could mean that some colours have to have two layers at different place in the "layer pile" and it could all be very complicated and maybe in practical terms impossible. William Overington Friday 1 February 2019
  2. Hi I have JUST come upon a NEW Colour Font! it is usable in later versions of Adobe products ( It is a joint collab with Mozilla & Adobe) and can be opened and used as below table. ANY info as to WHEN this Highly important new font can be at least opened and used in any Affinity products ( DESIGNER First, please!!) ???? I spent AGES trying to 'see' the colour in a font only to discover I can't. I can see this new Industry it will NEED to be able to create or at least use this as we will be seeing it more and from this year. https://www.colorfonts.wtf/ App Color fonts Supported formats Comments Photoshop Y SVG SBIX Since PS CC 2017 Illustrator Y SVG SBIX Since AI CC 2018 Pixelmator Y SBIX Want more? Ask on Twitter Sketch Y SBIX Have your say! Ask on Twitter Word 2013+ Mac X SBIX Have your say! Ask on Twitter InDesign X Ask on Twitter Affinity Designer X Ask on Twitter
  3. In answering a question about colour fonts in the Unicode mailing list I mentioned the following web page. https://www.high-logic.com/font-editor/fontcreator/tutorials/create-opentype-color-fonts In the section Software Color Font Support is a list of various software applications, including Affinity Designer, and the colour font support for each of them. Is that list still up-to-date regarding Affinity Designer? Will Affinity products be supporting COLR format colour fonts? An associated question is that, even if Affinity software does or will support COLR colour fonts, if a PDF is produced, will Adobe Reader be able to display it properly? For anyone who is interested, the thread in the Unicode mailing list is available from this page. https://corp.unicode.org/pipermail/unicode/2020-November/date.html William Overington Saturday 28 November 2020
  4. If you so choose you can find out how by following this link to learn of the indirect way to do it. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/128285-colour-fonts-and-affinity-products/ William
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