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Found 10 results

  1. Just a small niggling thing, but the bottom entry in the Apply Master panel states Replace Exsiting instead of Existing.
  2. Hi, just want to report an interface typo problem when i select a projection of a equirectangular photo. interface typo is totaly blur like the screen shoot all work fine but it's difficult to read... Affinity photo, windows 10 64 bits 16 Go Ram
  3. Hi, just found a little typo (wrong Umlaut character) in the german localization for Histogramm/Kanal: Grün
  4. ! Audio Police !

    typo worx .. out soon

    a fontface in preparation .. to become a truetypefont .. out soon
  5. PLEACE ONE SINGLE MENU WINDOW FOR TYPO FONT DESIGN if i set a frame for font i want to manage all things in ONE TYPO EDIT WINDOW .. i don't like click and click to find all hidden features for a proper font design management .. once i loved Freehand's .. Quark's is also super for huge text masses .. Illustrator / Indesign / Photoshop are ok .. once Apples Pages 4 had a sweet font design menu window .. but now in new Pages i have to search and check out a lot of (hidden) submenus .. and AFFINITY's is very similar to pages submenu click orgies for a well doing typo design management .. i repeat PLEACE ONE SINGLE MENU WINDOW FOR TYPO FONT DESIGN
  6. Tomeric

    Auto Kerning

    To me it seems that the "Auto" checkbox in the character palette (Cmt+T) doesn't work. When I set the kerning manually to let's say 50 % the white space in my text grows. Fine. But when I then enable "Auto" again, nothing happens. Instead I would expect the selected text to reset to normal (0 %) kerning.
  7. peter

    Spelling mistakes

    Hi AndyS, I've found some more typos, yup! Tis the same word again - the word colour, this time in these help files: Help> Affinity Designer Help>Introduction>Key features>Solid graphic design tools...4 times. Help> Affinity Designer Help>Gettings started>Create new documents...4times. There's probably more of the same around here, so, rather than type out all of the same mistakes, I think it would be better to do a complete document spell check, on all the help files. Perhaps setting the setting to UK/British English on this. :ph34r: Peter Ps it's Halloween soon - spell better :P
  8. In Preferences>User Interface> Background Gray Level. Shouldn't we be using British English and spell it G R E Y instead. Sorry if I sound pedantic (or like Stephen Fry) but Nottingham is still in England, isn't it. Or is International English taking over? Hope not.
  9. View>Assistant Manager... It says "Erasing from vector layes" instead of "layers".
  10. In Document Setup… in the Resample dropdown, the default selection is "Nearest Neightbour."