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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I have two questions 1. latest Affinity photo for mac have problem with Neat Image photoshop plug in. it just shut down Affinity photo when apply. if not solve immediatly please let me know download pre-version please. 2. How can i select layer with right mouse click like photoshop? i have much of layers and without this feature it's too hard to work. Thanks
  2. Affinity Photo ver. worked fine with the latest relase (compatible) of the Neat Image plugin. After upgrading to AP crashes. Uninstalling and installing the previous version of AP makes it working again. Andrzej Edit: I just noticed, that the same crash occurs, when use denoise filter of Affinity Photo.
  3. I'm using the latest versions of AP ( and Neat Image plug-in ( They used to work fine together, but both have recently been updated, and I don't know whether I've used the Neat Image plug-in since the updates. AP takes an exception and crashes after the plug-in call regardless whether I'm working on .tif, .psd, or .afphoto files. Other plug-ins seem to be fine (NIK collection and PortraitPro). A week or so ago, after a crash, the Crash Reporter window came up and I filled in the info but haven't heard anything about it. I expected to see some posts here about it but don't find anything; am I the only one? I'm using Windows 8.1 64-bit and the 64-bit version of Neat Image.
  4. Good afternoon. I bought Photo and the Neat Image plugin, yesterday. For the most part, they are both exactly what I wanted. :-) However, when I try to record a macro in Photo using a plugin step. i.e. with the Neat Image plugin, the macro appears to record properly and can be saved. However, it stops during play at the plugin step (actually, I used only that single step for the macro); The macro does not cause the plugin to run the steps I specified, nor does the macro return to Photo. It seems that either Photo does not record the plugin actions I selected into the macro, that the macro did not send the plugin actions back to the macro recorder, or that the running of the macro does not send the relevant commands to the plugin when the macro is played. So, when the macro is run, it stops in the plugin rather than executing the plugin’s actions I had assumed I’d recorded. This is a huge problem when one has many images for which a Photo user wants to use the plugin to perform, say, noise reduction, rather than Photo’s own NR. Could you tell me if this is a bug in Photo, a bug in Neat Image, or that, perhaps, I’ve missed something in the recording of the macro for my batch? Thanks. Trevor Jacques.
  5. I want to use the Neat Image noise and grain reduction software as a plug-in with Affinity. Previously I've used a stand alone version and reduced noise before importing to Affinity. If I get the plug-in version, how do I use it? Affinity's noise reduction feature is used in a Live Filter Layer, but I don't see how you can use a plug-in in this way. Do I use the plug-in to reduce the noise on the background layer, or do I create a new layer and if so of which type?
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