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  1. I'm on Mac so GMIC is not possible. General sharpening tools help to some extent, but don't really address the motion problem very effectively
  2. Here is an example of my problem. The photo also needs work to remove blemishes etc, but that is something I can fairly easily do BENNACHIE sample.afphoto
  3. I tried Topaz some years ago I think, without being particularly impressed. Thanks for the suggestion, though
  4. Any suggestions as to how to remove camera shake from the scans of old b&w negatives. I don't think the Affinity currently has such a tool and I've tried Focus Magic, but with limited success. Any other suggestions, please?
  5. Well, that was strange. What seemed to have happened was that I put a negative the wrong way around in my scanner and therefore had to rotate the image to get it the right way up. I'm certain I've done that before, but without problems. Rescanning with the neg the correct way around then doing a little straightening gave me an image where the blemish removal brush worked fine. Very strange. Anyway I'll know in future to make certain the negs the right way round in the scanner. A simpler question. - how do you get crosswires instead of a circle for aligning blemish removal and other brushes? Thanks for your help. Graham
  6. I've just tried to use an older photo and it works fine. I'm going to do some experiments involving the grain reducing Neatimage plugin to see if this is causing a problem. I used to use it as a standalone and that caused no problems. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  7. I'm having a problem doing that. For some reason taking a screenshot doesn't show the brush circle or it's behaviour.
  8. I've got a strange problem with the blemish removal tool that has appeared recently. Previously if I put the circle of the brush over a blemish and then dragged it to another part of the photo, then whatever was being picked by the brush would appear over the blemish. Now the part of the photo that appears over the blemish comes from an area of the photo some distance away from the brush. In some ways it is behaving like a healing brush tool. Recent events on the computer, a desktop imac are the addition of a plugin, Neatimage and uploading a new version of Big Sur. I reset Affinity so that the plugin did not appears in the filter menu, but this made no difference. I don't know if I've accidentally altered a setting, but it's a tool that I've used many, many times in the past with no problems. Any thoughts? Thanks, Graham
  9. I'm having a problem installing Focus Magic onto my desktop (operating system Mac Catalina). Whatever I do in preferences eg ticking the Allow Unknown Plugin to be Used button, I still get a message saying that Mac can't open it because it's from an unknown developer. Any suggestions? I've had problems with Catalina's security system before -it's a bit of a nightmare!
  10. After talking to the developed it seems that because of Catalina's more robust Gatekeeper system I need to do a control/click on the plugin file icon to create an exception for the app. When I try to open the app in Affinity I just get an "are you sure you want to proceed notice" which I can just agree to.
  11. Thanks I'll see what Focus Magic have to say before doing anything with the Mac security.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Affinity was already set to "allow unknown plugin to be used". I suspect that the problem lies with Catalina, the latest Mac os system. I know that it has created problems for various apps. I've sent Focus Magic a query to see if they have encountered this problem.
  13. I haven't used Focus Magic on the mac for some time, but when I tried to use it today on Affinity Photo it could not be opened because it said the develop could not be verified. Anyone else have this problem?
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