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  1. Hi.. I would like to AP have feature to select overlapped layer like photoshop. but, not same with PS. here are my idea. 1. select with command + right cursor click calls layer name. just select wanted layer to select. this is traditional usage like PS / pic-1 2. each layer field have option. when check right arrow, these layers being temporary selected group. this selected layers can be isolated with "hide unselected layers" which need to add to Layer's sub menu /pic-2 how about this?
  2. Hi.. the mouse select feature really helps to select layer which looks not provided in AP yet. however, you can this layer work using group analizing. this could be help untill AP have this feature.
  3. Hi.. I just tried as your suggestion and it works great. Thanks! also, about feature, i'll post to request forum. Thanks again
  4. Hello I have two questions 1. latest Affinity photo for mac have problem with Neat Image photoshop plug in. it just shut down Affinity photo when apply. if not solve immediatly please let me know download pre-version please. 2. How can i select layer with right mouse click like photoshop? i have much of layers and without this feature it's too hard to work. Thanks

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