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Found 19 results

  1. Just for the records. Nothing to worry about. When you try to resize a "document" in AD or AP the lock icon for the aspect ratio is locked on default. This is not the case in APu.
  2. 1. Create one or two global colours. 2. Create an element with a gradient using the global colour(s) from step 1. 3. Edit global colour(s) and change the colour value(s). Result: No change in the gradient. Or am I mistaken here? Changing a global should affect all elements this global colour is assigned to. This is also not working in the retail version and I assume not working in the complete Affinity range.
  3. I import a Word document into Publisher. This Word file has embedded images. The import works will, the images show. I try to convert those images into picture frames. The images disappear. Do you need a sample file? Applies to and earlier, Win 10
  4. I'm importing a Word file into Publisher with embedded images. I'm changing the number of columns. The images go wild, get distorted. The same happens if a draw another text frame (1 column) and thread the text into that frame. Applies to, not to earlier versions, Win 10
  5. To link images is the gold standard, not just in Publisher and InDesign, but also in Word. I tell my customers to always link their images to the Word file, not to embed them. Linked images don't loose quality, this technique helps keeping the file size of the Word file (ID, Pub) small. However, when I try to import a Word document with linked images into Publisher ... Publisher freezes. and older versions. Win 10.
  6. Text variables like current page number, last page number, file name are not converted.
  7. Observation I made. There are more or less two ways how to handle missing files when you open an IDML. 1. You are asked in a dialogue if you like to search for the missing files, say yes, locate the file, file will be replaced and if there are more files in the folder that are missing, they will be also replaced without further interaction -> GREAT. 2. You are asked in a dialogue if you like to search for the missing files, click Resource Manager, locate the file, file will be replaced. Other missing files from that folder will not be replaced automatically -> not great. Additionally you get a warning dialogue saying "Image Policy. Your document contains a large amount of embedded image data. ...". No, there are no embedded files, so clicking Yes or No is pointless here. It would be nice, when visiting the Resource Manager and searching for the missing files, that other files being in the folder will updated automatically, like in method 1 above. As a side note: Manually replacing the files from the context toolbar with the Replace image button is not working, since all information on how the original image was positioned seem to get discarded.
  8. 1. I am not able to rename or delete presets in the Presets Manager. 2. When I drag presets from the no-name category (when you add a preset as a first time action) to a newly created category, a ghost category remains. See attached image. 3. There is no function for deleting presets categories.
  9. Opened IDML files always result in a document dpi of 72. Changing to 300 dpi reduces e.g. bleed and text wrap settings to 24% of the initial value. The original values should be kept in any way.
  10. Spot colours in gradients will be converted to CMYK.
  11. The mouse over help text is much too wide and the heading and the page number stick to the right edge of the panel regardless of resizing. Image attached.
  12. Arrowheads were curved ones. The embedded images in Indesign were copied from LibreOffice Impress.
  13. What is the purpose of preserving FX when I rasterise an element? From my point of view it can be used for still changing FX without baking them into a (complete) pixel layer. Correct? In the end there should be no difference if I rasterise the element without preserving the FX? If so, the result is different. See image.
  14. I looked up the original document and used font has a size of 10 or 7,5 pt. Marking a cell with a big special character tells me it is no 32pt plus a font never used in this table. These big special characters make everything a bit confusing. See attached image.
  15. Not a big thing, because I use it seldom. All elements seem to be copied (from to the clipboard with 72dpi or pasted from the clipboard (to with 72dpi. Copying from to works perfectly.
  16. 1) In InDesign 2020, place Page Number on MasterPage. 2) Export IDML. 3) Open IDML in Affinity Publisher. Page Number has lost.
  17. Document has three pages, facing pages starting right. Deleting page 3 without problem, deleting page 1 leads to instant crash. There is no problem deleting pages, when I change the document to non-facing pages. Edit: Noticed by the way. When there is only one page left you are not allowed to delete this page, but the trash can indicates that you can delete this page, so the trash can should be deactivated in this case.
  18. IDML containing information for placed AI files (with PDF stream), does not render properly. The AI files will be displayed distorted. Feels like 1/3 of the original height.
  19. I am really excited about the new Preflight panel. At a first glance working really fine, but ... Create a document with bleed and create an empty picture frame or any other empty graphical element near the page border and you'll get a warning. It could be a problem if these elements were not empty. Interesting fact: An empty text frame near the border will not produce a warning / an error in the Preflight panel. Oops, sorry wrong forum.

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