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Found 8 results

  1. In case that document is opened (no matter if changes are saved or not), any of Affinity applications (v2.3.1, win 10) will not restart when in application Settings is changed any parameter which requires a restart (for example changing "Language" or switching "Enable Pointer Support") and user confirms to restart in a dialog box. App only closes an opened document and quit itself. No restart happens. If no document is opened, app quits and restarts as expected.
  2. I am pretty sure, I read this on the forums already, but cannot remember where. Opening the PDF in APu the textframe has only blanks at the end of the line. Copying the text from Acrobat and pasting into APu, all blanks are preserved. Attached images shows it. On the left opened PDF, on the right copied text. extrakt.pdf
  3. I can do this in Photo when I'm in Windows 10 so it seems it should be possible, maybe I'm doing something wrong. John
  4. System: Windows 10 Affinity Photo ver. Affinity Photo has been working fine without any issue for years. Today the program craches (closes without any warning) every time I open a file or create a new file. Problem started with previous version. I Installed the latest version. The problem insists on version I am attaching crash reports. Regards, I. f108d6f4-0f13-4c5c-b7ac-b3034ac6c697.dmp d47c257-689e-489f-a620-121ebdc02940.dmp e0bf8f9d-cb16-4cc7-95ea-d6b703cf75fa.dmp 34e2f80d-6617-4f6f-87ce-d71dda659535.dmp 46061dca-d75a-4131-8234-b93a3259f89f.dmp c09d427e-4839-410d-8c1a-45fd56cf10f2.dmp 87f12509-b730-43a1-b65b-0f84688fdf5b.dmp 29180591-4677-4e5d-abcf-4064cb672a8d.dmp
  5. Hi, I have a big issue about installed font not showing. this is the first time I am facing this issue I have a total of 4216 fonts installed and most of them are not visible in affinity designer, photo, and publisher here is fonts installed and this is showing in affinity Please solve this issue as fast as you can PG_ROOF RUNNERS_ACTIVE.TTF PG_ROOF RUNNERS_ACTIVE_IT.TTF PG_ROOF RUNNERS_ACTIVE_0.TTF PG_ROOF RUNNERS_ACTIVE_BOLD-IT.TTF
  6. Have win 10 ...Affinity crashes at start up before the welcome screen 3 times out of 5....Works ok when it works. I have dual graphic processors in my lap but it crashes equally on them both...seems to be related to the upgrade in someway but when I used an older version it still crashed . However Win 10 has also been upgraded to the latest build and I am now running the latest Affinity bata...Still crashing....Am at a loss
  7. Hello, support, since a few days, even before the version *.139 Publisher (according to TaskManager) allows itself to be "permanently inactive". If I have detected it correctly, this problem occurs when inserting images with the extension *.svg. A smooth working is not possible as soon as I access the SVGs. Another impression is that the CPU and memory are used too much. I test the Publisher on 3 different systems. The following parameters have to be specified for 2 of the 3 systems: 1st ASUS ROG, (Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.5 GHz) WIN 10 (with last update), 32 GB RAM, graphics card NiVidia GeForce GTX980M 2nd Acer (Intel Core i5-3337U CPU @ 1,80 GHz) with WIN 10 (with last update). 4 GB RAM, graphics card Intel HD Graphics 4000 On all systems the same problem (permanently inactive as soon as I want to move the SVG's). That the Acer Tablet is not a "Sprinter" is obvious, but so far it was possible to work there "quickly". But I'm not familiar with the fact that the "ROG" gives me long coffee breaks all the time. It has to work really hard normally! All other started programs have no problems and work well! What can I do to restore a smooth workflow? Mr Sapling
  8. Win 10 (upgrade from Win 8), 64 bit...no problems loading exe file...when attempt to run, initial title appears (with blue circle...a hopeful sign), then disappears as if had never attempted to run...tried diff compatability settings, same result.
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