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Found 6 results

  1. Running latest Affinity Photo on Windows 11. So I'm editing an image and it looks good except for white balance. I open White Balance (WB) and adjust the Tint. If I click on Merge, the sharpness appears to degrade. If while I'm in the WB window I instead do Document/Flatten the sharpness is not affected. In the attached example, the top image is the starting point. The next image is a screenshot while the WB window is open. The WB changes but the sharpness is unchanged. The next image is the result of using Merge. The final image is the result of undoing the WB where Merge was used and repeating WB but using Document/Flatten while the WB window is still open. How to explain?
  2. Hello. I've noticed a weird thing. I've increased sharpness in Develop Persona (Detail Refinement) in my photo. When I click "Develop" to go to the Photo Persona, it loses a lot of sharpness. I've increased the sharpness more (but not that much more) so it's easier for you to see the difference. Why is this happening?
  3. Hi, I have this picture which is not that sharp and since I want that picture on my website and there it's always turns out less sharp, I used high pass filters to make the picture extra sharp. But when I flatten this image (couple of high pass layers) then the flattened picture is less sharp than the picture with the layers (before flattening). The same thing happens when I export the picture (without first flattening and quality100%) to a jpeg file. I use the most sharp resample Lanzarote 3 non- separable. But still I lose a lot of sharpness. Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong? Are there ways (besides taking better pictures in the first place ) to keep the sharpness in sharpened pictures in jpegs for the web? And also tips and tricks for what's the best way to get sharp pictures on your website are more than welcome because that's a big struggle for me. Thanks for taking the time to think with me, Femke
  4. Photos are sharp after importing them into AP, and remains so for a few adjustments, then they start degrading with further adjustments. By the time I've made a dozen or so, the image looks terrible. I've tried sharpening and not sharpening before making adjustments, to no avail. Sharpening at the end does not bring the image back to its original look. I've used AP for a year now, and never had this problem until a couple of months ago. I thought maybe it started when I upgraded to version 1.9, so I went back to 1.8.5; the problem exists there as well. As per some suggestions in the forums, I've tried doing my editing at 100%, but I don't see any improvement; plus the image is 3 times larger than my monitor which drives me nuts! (imported images have always come in around 30%, and I've processed them with no problems before this issue started). I shoot Canon RAW & JPG, and I'm scanning thousands of negatives. The sharpness problem affects all of them. I'm hoping you can help me; I sure don't want to go back to Adobe PhotoShop after they screwed me out of PS6 after paying $650 for it... but that's another story...
  5. Hi I am using Capture One for RAW, export either JPEG or TIFF and then further edit in Affinity (since yesterday - I am new to Affinity). However, when I edit perspective in Affinity to make verticals vertical , and then export as JPEG as 100% there is a significant loss of sharpness on the entire image. This happens regardless if TIFF or JPEG is edited. Any ideas why?
  6. HI All, Curious if anyone has tried using the new 1.5 version with Fuji's X-Trans Sensor... I know sharpness is an issue with Lightroom. Is AP same, worse, or better with fuji raw files versus the big boys like Lightroom or Iridient Developer? Pros Cons? Thanks for the help.
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