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  1. Is there a way to switch the views when drawing shapes so the pixel dimensions overlay aren't covered up by my finger? Maybe it should be the opposite corner.... I tried left-hand mode but that didn't do anything different....
  2. Hello, According to the marketing site I know Affinity Photo can open .psds but to what extent is the compatibility? For example I have Affinity Designer on desktop and it opens .psds just fine but if i were to export a design file with text back to Photoshop it gets rasterized. Is Affinity Photo (iPad or desktop app) the same way? Thanks
  3. I'm also curious about this (for the iPad app mostly), here is a link to a Fuji XT10 RAF file for you. Thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7moz5ufe2g1et1p/_DSF1340.RAF?dl=0
  4. HI All, Curious if anyone has tried using the new 1.5 version with Fuji's X-Trans Sensor... I know sharpness is an issue with Lightroom. Is AP same, worse, or better with fuji raw files versus the big boys like Lightroom or Iridient Developer? Pros Cons? Thanks for the help.
  5. I can double-click a smart object in Photoshop and it opens in Affinity Designer (great!) but when I save it it wants to save a new affinity file which is fine but then when I go back to Photoshop it doesn't update the smart object. Is this something that's only doable between Adobes own products? I've attached an example. FYI in order to get the smart object to open in Affinity I had to delete Illustrator from my machine while this is fine for me (cause I only had the trial) it may not be great for others. Example PSD - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69315348/example-smartobject-illustrator.psd
  6. This may be by design but when I'm using the pen tool and putting down points if i scroll to see more of my trace image the path line disappears during that scroll but comes back immediately. It's not so bad when I already have a stroke color/width set because that stays visible but if I don't have a stroke or fill set then I don't see anything. Thanks!
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