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  1. In the previous post someone asked me to undock the studio so I did. I made a gif (see attachment) and discovered that after undocking the studio is working. Is this a bug? Bug Affinity.mp4
  2. I am using an MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) and always use a touchpad. Of course I installed the latest version of macOs Mojave (Version 10.14.3) and the latest version Affinety Photo (version 1.6.7).
  3. I tried it again and Indeed it doesn't work
  4. Your first option, drag to.....doesn't work. If I try the second option, view/studio.......the effects works but then the adjustment and the other 3 tabs don't work.
  5. No, I tried it twice and then opened a random photo but I still can't open the other 4 tabs.
  6. You mean press ctrl-effects and then the a Claer User Data dialog appears?
  7. Nope that's the problem. I can open adjustments and do everything with my photo but I can't open the other 4 tabs. Isn't that strange?
  8. Can you be more specific. I see my photo in Affinety but I can't open effects.
  9. Good afternoon, Can anyone help me. I want to insert a border effect round my photos. But there must something chanced but I don't know when or what. I know I have to open "effect" (see screenshot). But it won't open and in the past it did, why? Maarten
  10. Ok, now I understand why. Thanks for your effort!!
  11. Good afternoon, Is there a keyboard shortcut to close all the photo at once. For one photo I use CMD W. But this does only works for one photo. Regards, Maarten
  12. quantz


    First sorry I reacted so late but I didn't receive a message. But now I understand how it works, thanks!!
  13. Good afternoon, I want to clean some spots on an old photo with the clone tool brush. In the past I selected an area near the spot with Alt/Click and filled in the spot with Click/Drag. But since the update 1.5 it doesn't work anymore, no matter what combination I try. I use a Macbook Pro with the latest version OSX. Regards, Maarten
  14. quantz


    You can see the result on http://www.plantennamen.info/kievitsbloem-fritillaria-meleagris

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