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Found 99 results

  1. Hi! I just bought Affinity Photo for Mac. While I was trying to get used to all of the features, I tried exporting a JPG photo, taken with a D7200 and with a size of 3.2 MB and the resulting file with 100% quality and no modifications has a size of 23.36 MB. Why is this happening and what can I do? I mean, it's the same file, it's not modified but has a bigger size after exporting. I'd expect a file with the same size or at least a similar size. Thank you!
  2. Does anyone know what's the default setting for saving (not exporting) JPEG? After editing JPEG files with layers flattened, we could "save" the file directly. However, I don't know the quality and other settings when saving JPEG. I know I could export JPEG file with the settings I want, but to speed up the workflow, it'd be great if I could know and adjust the settings of default JPEG saving. If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know. Thank you very much for your help. Best regards, Sleepy
  3. When exporting JPEG files, the default preset is always "JPEG(High quality)". Does anyone know how to change the default present for saving JPEG? It would be great if I could change the default one to the preset I created. Thank you very much. Regards, Sleepy
  4. Hi I have been working on Affinity designer the last days and it worked great. Now I was just finished with soe graphical work that should be exported as PNG for working on a film. But each time I click on the File > Export button Affinity Designer goes down. I am completely stuck. The export window pop-up opens like 1 sec and then Affinity Designer crashes. I get the following message (see attached). Note I have updated Affinity designer to the latest version and it still crashes. I have started the computer and it still crashes. I have scan it for malware and nothing was found. Please help as soon as you can. Best Manu Affinity Designer crashes on export.rtf
  5. Hello I made a pattern and copy it nex to another and so on... There is no space between patterns but after export to JPEG i can see the spaces between each pattern object.
  6. I think a really handy option for the 'export' dialogue would be 'Space around image'. I regularly send logo proofs to customers as JPEG or PNG. When exporting selections, the resulting image always perfectly frames the objects selected (which is good). However sometimes I like to add a border to make the image more easily viewable to the client. Could there be an option to add a certain number of pixels evenly around an exported bitmap? I don't always want to adjust the artboard or add another object to achieve this.
  7. Hello, I'm new to Affinity photo, I've learned some of the editing features. I have done a photo shoot the other day and I edited the pictures. Naturally I saved them and as well exported them as Jpegs (so that they can open up on their PC as I have a Mac). I put all the pictures on a usb for them to open, on my computer it says .jpg but then on their PC it is not jpg. I don't know what to do… it's frustrating as I want them to be able to open the pictures! Help :)
  8. New to Affinity Photo, and so far, what I've seen looks good, then it all comes to an abrupt halt. Trying to do my forum avatar pic, I decide to use my new Serif software to resize my picture. All going good, until I come to "Save As", so that I can save my image as a JPEG. Even this forum doesn't recognise AFphoto files! :huh: Serif - the product is good, but why do I not have the option to save my processed file to what I want? For this example, JPEG would be enough. In the future however, it would nice to be able to convert my images to other file formats - such as DNG etc. How after processing my images - or friends images, as I do sometimes - how do I send them back their image - so that they can open it on their systems? :(
  9. When I try to open a RAW file from Photos using Affinity Photo, the file becomes a JPEG file. But when I work on a photo in Photos usinf Affinity extension, I am working on a RAW file. What am I doing wrong with Affinity photo?
  10. Hi! I am using Affinity Photo 1.4.1 on Mac OS X 10.11.4. I open a JPEG, create a Layer-->New adjustment layer-->Levels adjustment and set Gamma to 0,89. Then I export the document as JPEG with the default settings and - this is important - replace an already existing JPEG on the hard drive --> Affinity Photo crashes on half exporting the document. Best, Dietmar
  11. The background: I have an AD file I exported to jpeg, which I then imported to Apple's Photo. I then attempted to send an iMessage of the jpeg to someone to get feedback on the image. The problem: When the AD exported jpeg is opened in iMessage, the colors are suddenly completely wrong (even though they appear correct when simply viewing the image in the iPhone app), almost as if a grey filter is over the entire image. Below is a side-by-side comparison of screenshots. On the left is a portion of an unedited photo sent via iMessage, and on the right is the same photo after exporting from AD and sent via iMessage. What's going on here? Thanks!
  12. I have noticed that when I export a JPEG file from Affinity, the resultant JPEG is always darker, as if the Shadow settings had changed during the export. I am using JPEG Best quality, Lanczos (Separable), RGB-8 bit and Apple RGB. I have tried using Adobe RGB (1998) but still had a darker picture. The Embed ICC profile box is unchecked. The Progressive and Embed Metadata boxes are both checked. Does anyone know why the exported JPEGS are showing up darker than their images in Photo Persona? I usually export directly from Photo Persona using the FILE>EXPORT route and not Export Persona as Export Persona tends to overwrite any identically named file without warning. I have searched for this issue and found nothing. If anyone knows of a thread, please let me know. Thank you.
  13. thiago.abreu


    from the 24th of December I am not able to export the file to jpeg, png or any other in both the Information and in the photo. Already desentalei the app, restored and nothing. I've got a lot of work still, need a solution before the quant. I thank the attention of friends. tela affinity.tiff
  14. Hi There, I have just bought Affinity Designer and am just learning to use the tools. I have previously used Illustrator and am finding the transition relatively straightforward and really like the programme. One thing I used to be able to do in illustrator was to drag and drop an image into the swatches tab and then use that image as a tile fill to create prints/patterns (useful when designing clothing). I also used clipping masks for similar effect. Do either of these functions exist in designer or would I need to purchase Photo as well? Many thanks
  15. Hi I've just tested a couple of JPEGs with clipping paths - originally created in Photoshop. I open them in Affinity Photo, make no changes at all, and save the file. Upon opening them again to check them in Photoshop, the clipping path has been removed.
  16. Hello All... New member here. Experienced PS user... I am sturggling with creating a web graphic with a transparent background. I feel it's something simple I am just missing but I've searched other threads and most address issues in AD but this is in AP. What am I missing? The export doesn't have a "save for web" or a transparency checkbox. When I select the image and choose "save selection without background" in the export I still get a white box when placed on a web page. I'm used to this being a simple PNG save in PS, so I'm not seeing it. Thanks for any help.
  17. Bought AP today via AppStore. Tested import and development, works fine, but: When I tried to share my work to Aperture or Photos I always get a Jpeg of low quality. I tried to fix it in the Export Persona, but it didn't work either. Tried retina solution, didn't work. The normal export to the desktop works fine and at normal speed, but sharing to Aperture/Photos takes several seconds in comparison. The original file was 3648 x 5472, the shared/exported to Aperture/Photos was always 875 × 1313, and it was always a Jpeg even if I chose PNG for export. Apart from that: When I start Pixelmator via Aperture, I do my work in Pixelmator and close it the work is automatically imported back in Aperture. This doesn't work with Affinity Photo, which makes it necessary for me to organize my files differently if 'share to' doesn't work. I hope you can fix both 'bugs'. Kind regards.
  18. When I exported the image from Affinity to my desktop it looked fine. (I was using the Mac software Preview to view it) however when I tried to send the image via iMessage, it became very dark. Is there a setting that can fix this problem?
  19. As you can see, this is what I get when I try to export a JPEG. This happens when I open the "logo" file from a PDF, or EPS. In fact, I think it happens from an Affinity file as well. I can't get a real JPEG quality image to export.
  20. I have problem while export tiff to jpeg, metadata loss.
  21. Hi, I am trying to export a jpeg version of a file I have been working on. There doesn't seem to be a simple way of exporting the file at its actual pixel dimensions. Rather I have to manually enter the file size in pixels which seems a faff. I'm sure with earlier versions of the beta I could simply leave the pixel size fields blank and it would export at native size? Many thanks.
  22. How do I save a file as a pdf or jpeg..... in AD and AP?
  23. Elijot

    Export Problems

    Hello, I have a large problem with Affinity: - when i decide to export my file as JPEG, the whole program crashes ... always ... - When i decide to export as PDF, the file is more than 1.5 GB (!) - the content of the file are just two little b/w pictures (one vector, one bitmap). The affinity file (*.afdesign) is just 1.8 MB. The same is with printing as PDF (result: 1.5 GB). Normal printing needs 10 or more minutes ... I use a mid 2012 Mac Book Pro Retina with Yosemite Thanks for helping me ...
  24. Hi, I have a few images in jpeg format.Now I want it in mjpeg format and view it as a video.How can it be done.whether is it possible.How can it be done? Thanks ashwin