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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, in this Affinity Photo Tutorial I show a typical situation. When you go on vacation, you want to have nice photos of it. You will often be disappointed with the result if the midday sun makes the whole photo look hazy and bland. In this tutorial I'll show some steps on how to improve these photos mit Affinity Photo V2. I wish you fun Ciao Jack
  2. Hi, this my first tutorial with the new Affinity Photo V2. A rather bland photo is edited. I remove the haze and realistically enhance colors and contrast. In doing so, I will go into the new features of Affinity Photo V2. I wish you fun. Ciao Jack
  3. Hi, In this Affinity Photo tutorial I show how to remove haze while preserving the fog and getting the colors back. The haze filter got over the years a new and improved engine and adjustments. I wish you fun and inspiration. Ciao Jack
  4. This screen shot depicts a problem that I am experiencing with haze removal in Affinity Photo 1.7.1: Before haze removal the blue tone of the sky was uniform; after dehazing three distinct tones are visible. The parts of the sky that are visible between parts of the crane and immediately around it are lightest and closest to the original tone. Left and right of that area the sky has a saturated look. The blue tone in the right corner of the picture has an unnatural appearance. Unfortunately, I neglected to make a copy of the original Background pixel layer before dehazing. My questions about the haze removal in Affinity Photo concern the algorithm, and how I can help it to avoid mishandling the sky. I have other examples of this, e. g., two exhaust chimneys on a building in the foreground with the sky between them much lighter than the sky to the left and right after dehazing. What dehazing algorithm is Affinity Photo using? I suspect it is based on so-called dark channel priors. Such algorithms are known to struggle with expanses of sky. Various refinements to the basic algorithm have been proposed to mitigate the sky problem. I have accepted the default values suggested by the Haze Removal filter. I realize I can decrease the strength, but the differences in the sky tone remain unless the strength is decreased nearly to zero. When I develop my RAW photos in the Develop Persona of Affinity Photo I open them with Tone curve set to "Take no action" in the Develop Assistant, then I increase the RAW latitude by pushing the black point a bit to the right of the histogram (ca. 5%), pushing the midtones towards the middle by increasing the brightness, increasing or decreasing the exposure, shadows and highlights as required, and adding a bit of sharpening. Adding contrast, saturation, clarity, etc. and, importantly, a tone curve, I leave for the Photo Persona. I have the feeling that such a "flat" image might be creating problems for the dehazing algorithm, and I should perhaps either add a tone curve in the Develop Persona and dehaze the Background layer in the Photo Persona, or do that plus a Merge Visible in the Photo Persona and dehaze the pixel layer produced by Merge Visible. Comments or suggestions very welcome.
  5. Have just DLed v1.7.0.333 & notice the haze removal filter seems to be doing the opposite of what it should be. Increasing the Strength slider add more haze. I see there's a newer beta version but noting is mentioned of this in the release notes. Thanks Julie.
  6. This thread gave me an idea to create an estimated Depth mask: I have created a macro to recover some depth information from the Remove Haze filter itself. Create_depth_mask.afmacro The way you use this is to select your pixel layer, run the macro, and then drag the resulting layer group into a mask position of some adjustment. The red tint is intentional to help previewing the mask. When the layer group is used as a mask of some other layer, the tint will be ignored, and only the alpha channel will be used. See example usage with a black fill layer being masked by the depth mask. Create_depth_mask.afmacro
  7. Hello. I think that it might be a cool feature of the "haze removal" to create a layer's mask, instead of modifying the layer content. I assume that this plugin does scene depth estimation. I so, it should be possible to generate mask with levels corresponding to the estimation results. This mask could be use with levels, curves and other tools (or other bitmap layers). Regards. BitPC
  8. Hi, I tried to remove haze with the function in Test Version 1.5x under Windows. After start the function scene analyzing starts and I can change strongness / distance and light correction but nothing visible changed. Any tipps? thanks Jog
  9. Hello, I just found 2 translation errors on Affinity Photo Version1.5.1.54. 1) In the "Filters" menu, "Haze Removal" has been translated to French as Suppression du Flou". "Flou" means "Blur" in English. The translation should be: Either "Suppression du Voile" or "Suppression de la Brume". 2) Also in "Filters / Distort" there is the "Mirror" function which has been translated into "Recopier". The French translation must be "Mirror". Besides, the translation is good in the function panel. Thank you for your attention.
  10. Hi, In diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich aus der Serie Foto Optimierung wie man das Foto Regenwolken verbessern kann. Hier geht es nicht um große Effekte, sondern um viele kleine Verbesserungen, die dann hoffentlich für ein besseres Ergebnis sorgen. Viel Spaß Euer Jack In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you from my serie photo optimization how to improve a photo. There are no great effects, but many details which hopefully improve the result. Have fun Your Jack Link to Video Tutorial Foto / photo: eigenes / self made
  11. Hi In the customer Beta there is a Haze Removal Tool. Why is this not in the full version? Will it come as a update in the future? thx
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