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Found 8 results

  1. Here is a LUT I made way back in 2017 and have just remembered it,grk17.cube. I started a separate thread because this one does not fit the simple LUT motif of my other LUT thread. Anyway, it essentially turns a green background black and everything else white. Then you use it as a mask, like this (the model came on the disc with a book on green screen, but the LUT is mine),
  2. Hello, few months ago I asked about the same, but issue repeat with stronger power. During photo manipulation work (even I do not use many layers, but only 2-3) I can see in view green boxes. If I try to zoom in or out - green boxes change posistions, sometimes disaprear for a while, or even cover whole picture. It is very tiring, becasue I cannot see preview "on live" suring work and I have to manipulate zooming to for example change position of the box. Few months ago I have this issue only during exporting, now it is everywhere and everytime. I have last update - nothing change. Last time someone told me that I should copy all layers and paste to new work, but now it is imposible, becasue issue apear after few changes during work. Do you have any idea what is wrong? It might be a computer fault or settings in Affinity? I add also a picture of strange green box. Thank you in advance for all ideas!
  3. I am a newbie to editing photo. Looking for an easy way to make use of "green screen" in Affinity. I understand that there is no automated process like in some other SW that I am not going to name here, but is this going to be implemented in Affinity down the road? Any advise to how I can easely process a batch of photo`s with green screen back drop? Hoping someone can advice Smukken
  4. You have produced some awesome software. Working in a school, I have used Serif for many years. I am very honest with my findings. I did not like Serif Web Plus, but I did like PhotoPlus X8, Page Plus X9, Draw Plus X8 and Movie Plus X6. Your Affinity has now improved on all but Movie Plus X6. The long and short is that we need a movie editing package in schools and so do many others companies. I have just moved schools and we tried to purchase Movie Plus X6 from you but sadly you won't even sell it anymore due to Codex Licences, so we are stuck with X3. We really need some way of editing movies and your interface would really lend it's self to that. Now you have done the others, please consider a movie editing package to complete the pack or at the very least, look at some way of re-releasing Movie Plus X6 to those that need it, but an Affinity version would be spot on. Finally, the ability to create stop-frame and Keyframe animation in Affinity Designer would be good so it matches Draw Plus X8. Thank you so much for reading this. Al
  5. Hello, I have an image of a subject with a green screen behind him. To isolate the subject I used the "Select sampled color tool" and adjusted the tolerance until the selection is around the subject. The problem is when I remove the green screen the subject also loses opacity and becomes slightly transparent. How do I fix this ? And is there a better way to isolate the subject from the green screen ? Thank you.
  6. Good morning! I have been an avid user of Affinity's Photo and hardly ever had to ask for help (I thought never but I found a question from 2015). A client asked me to take pictures before a greenscreen while I was on assignment. They had a very small green cloth and there was a mixture of sun and tungsten light. I did the best I could... Having no studio lighting I expected some color cast but it is far worse, probably because of the small screen/cloth so the group had to stand close to it Can anyone help me in regards to how to remove the green color cast from the models? Below I attached a screenshot of what it looks like. If you need more info etc, let me know. Thank you in advance! Dennis
  7. Hi Is it possible with “one click” to replace a Green Screen with a transparent background in Affinity Photo? Normally I’m using Final Cut Pro X to make videos, and in this application I’m used to use Green Screen as Chroma key. Is there a similar function in Affinity Photo?
  8. Hi Everyone I had a question when Chroma Keying with a green screen. I wanted to know if there is a way to even out the green screen color all around. been trying to figure it out on my own and i am just at a loss.
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