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  1. Hello Firstdefence, Thank you for your reply. Can you elaborate more on how I can accomplish that ? Regards,
  2. Sorry for the typo. Yes the subject was not in the selection. I only selected the chroma . I also tried to select a chroma in an image I got online, the opacity issue did not occur. But the chroma in that image was all one color grade as opposed to my image where the chroma has different shades of green. I don't know if this has any effect. But the strange thing is that (in my original image) although the subject was not in the selection, the opacity decreased when I removed the chroma. This did not happen at the edges of the subject only but all of the subject lost opacity. I have uploaded two images one before deleting the chroma and one after. You can see how the subject loses opacity. I also put a black bar behind the subject to make it clearer. And the issue you experienced concerning the remains of the green screen also happened as you can see. Thanks or your help.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I saw the video, thank you for sharing it. But In my case the problem was the subject losing opacity. (The subject became somewhat transparent when I deleted in the chroma). This only happens when I use the "Select sampled color tool" if I do it with any other selection tool the subject's opacity is not reduced. So I suppose it has something to do with the tool selecting some range of color from the subject in addition to the green screen. Is there a way to avoid this or is this another bug ?
  4. Hello, I have an image of a subject with a green screen behind him. To isolate the subject I used the "Select sampled color tool" and adjusted the tolerance until the selection is around the subject. The problem is when I remove the green screen the subject also loses opacity and becomes slightly transparent. How do I fix this ? And is there a better way to isolate the subject from the green screen ? Thank you.
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