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Found 4 results

  1. I can assign F1 through F16 for paragraph styles, but pressing the corresponding key with a text cursor in a text frame has no effect. Assigning other shortcuts, say, Ctrl+Y, works as expected. Tested with German keyboard layout on English language setting of Publisher, USB keyboard connected to MacBook. OS is 10.11.6 (El Capitan). Curiously, pressing any F-keys hides the transform controls and frame/column outlines temporarily until the mouse pointer is moved. If this has to do with certain F-keys being taken over by OS shortcuts like launching Dashboard etc., I would expect Publisher to check for that and display a corresponding warning when assigning the shortcut.
  2. I posted this earlier in the Beta thread but I think it might need to be here too. I had assigned Function Keys 1-10 to toggle various Studio panels, ie Brushes, Swatches, etc. The function keys worked in Photo 1.4.3 (and still do!) I think they worked in Photo 1.5 (beta 5?) I'm not sure of that because I was swamped with other things and did little with the program at that time. In beta 6, they do not work. They do nothing except make that annoying Alert sound. I thought at first it might be an OS problem but they work as expected in Photo 1.4.3. They work in Photoshop. I've done everything I can think of. Restarted my Mac, repeatedly. Cleared all the things in Miscellaneous. Deleted Photo 1.5 beta 6 and downloaded and reinstalled it. Nothing helps. I'm running El Capitan on an iMac.
  3. I had assigned function keys 1-10 to Toggle certain Studio Panels, ie Brushes, Swatches, etc. Suddenly, the only function keys that will do anything other than beep at me are the OS assignments for 12-16. I thought it was an OS problem until I checked my old copy of Photoshop. Function keys work there! I've restarted my Mac, several times. I've Loaded a Saved copy of Preferences from when the keys were working. I've trashed the beta 6. Downloaded it again and reinstalled. No joy! Just beeps. Other shortcuts keys besides the function keys all work as expected. I'm stumped! Any suggestions? Please?
  4. Hi, I love that you can change the shortcuts! While most of the shortcuts are similar or the same as I'm used to, it's always nice to be able to customise things. However I don't seem to be able to use function keys. I can assign them OK, and there are no clashes with other keys, but if I then try to use the shortcut nothing happens except my Mac making a beep. It works OK if I add a modifier e.g. cmd+f7 just not f7 on it's own. It would also be really great if you could assign shortcuts to separate studio elements, so you could show and hide just layers or stroke. This is particularly handy when working on smaller laptop screens. I know I can select from the drop down menu, but shortcuts are SO much faster. Many thanks!
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