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Found 5 results

  1. Affinity applications have had issues with windows management from the start, its been years and I don't see any improvement. 1. If you quit the application while working in fullscreen mode, opening the application will result in a maxed out window that even go under the menu bar. The dimensions of the window when not in fullscreen should be stored and used instead. 2. Linked to this widow size problem, the screen might not be the same as last time the application was opened so the window should never exceed the screen size minus the dock (if it is not hidden) and the menu bar. I think Apple design guidelines do define all of this. 3. When opening the application, the personas button are sometimes in the same place as the windows buttons. As if the fullscreen mode was never exited. 4. Opening a file in an application should always put the focus on the application AND show the space where the application is active. Currently if you open a file by dragging it on the application icon (which is a very common practice for long time macOS users) the application will only gain focus. You have to change between your spaces to see that the file was correctly opened. This drives me nuts as I always wait for the application to load the file and then appear like all the other applications do, then after a while I remember that I have to switch to the application's space.
  2. Full Screen Presentation Mode. Many people asked for it few years ago and still is not available... Good thing I knew about Affinity since way back in 2014 and I have finally moved from Adobe because of their expensive subscription fees when I don't even make money through their software... their buggy software... BUT. While I am not a professional in this field, I still need to use stuff like Affinity Publisher, and would be very useful if I can check my work or actually present without exporting it to pdf or doing Ctrl + Shift + W and Tab and Ctrl + 0 .... Microsoft Power Point has Shift + f5. Adobe InDesign got Shift + W. Affinity Publisher needs to Ctrl + Shift + W and Tab and Ctrl + 0 ???? and still not a full screen presentation mode that I am looking for. That other people are also looking for. There are other topics on the forum from a year or two ago and in between, where people were asking for. While I am still learning to use Affinity products right now since I just moved to using it, it just doesn't feel as robust as Adobe stuff. 2021 and still not there yet? come on. Please add this feature in the future... Thanks for existing.
  3. Hey everyone! It would be very helpful if, when using tools, all of the UI, except for the icon on the top right that lets users enable the UI again, could be automatically hidden. There could be a timer, which shows the UI again after a period of time. The amount could be set in settings. Procreate has this automatic full screen mode and it's very useful. Best wishes, Shu
  4. Hey everyone! In the top right corner, the color picker can be dragged to increase and decrease brightness. Personally, I am disabling the UI a lot (button next to color picker) and it would be helpful if there was an option to disable this feature to prevent unintentional color change. Best wishes, Shu
  5. I don't think there's a way currently to go into full screen mode in Affinity Photo. In Photoshop you can do this easily by pressing F a couple of times and I kind of miss this feature in Photo.
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