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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I tried exporting to a PSD from Designer and importing to into Final Cut Pro and the PSD is completely unstable in FCP. When I disable the clip with "V" the clip goes black and starts that way. My goal is to design a multi layer / grouped object in Designer and the import it into FCP to animate the parts. I've also tried the Export Persona and exported the layers in separate files, but those files don't maintain the relative positions of the layers. The pixel dimensions remain the same as they were in designer but they are each centered and scaled to full frame Any suggestions?
  2. Affinity's ease in creating vector objects is incredible. My question is how to maintain the vector sharpness when importing these vector graphics into Final Cut Pro (FCP). Thus this may be more of a request than a question, and certainly a FCP issue. A PDF does import into FCP but in a raster form that ultimately pixelizes on enlargement. There is a work around in FCP (https://www.rippletraining.com/blog/final-cut-pro-x/use-vector-graphics-final-cut-pro-x/), but it definitely slows up the work-flow and limits Affinity's excellent use as an asset maker for FCP. QUESTION: Since Affinity appears to have close ties to Apple, is there any way or any plan to solve this interface problem? I believe that the problem lies with FCP's importing of today's common formats but would hope that some type of revised format devised by an Apple/Affinity cooperation. It would make Affinity an even greater assent builder for FCP. I realize that FCP is mainly a video editor, but for those of us who desire to exploit the full potential of FCP via vector assets, a solution would be fantastic. BTW, Keynote and other such programs are great, but they do not have the power of FCP. Here's hoping....
  3. Hello - A graphic designer has created an AI file with transparency, and I want to add this file (which is a logo) into Final Cut Pro. From what I've read, the easiest option yielding good results is to open the AI file in Designer, and then export it using the "PSD (Final Cut Pro X)" option ... So I've done this, and imported the file into an event within FCP. I then dragged the image into the timeline, but unfortunately the transparency is not retained. I'm not sure if the problem is that I need to change how I export the file in Designer, or if that part is correct and I need to do something in Final Cut Pro to get the transparency to appear. Note: In 'Document Setup' > Color, the 'Color Format' is currently "CMYK/8". I'm guessing this might be the problem, but if so I'm not sure what to change it to. Thanks for your advice, Jim
  4. One thing that keeps popping into my mind is this: There are tons of title plugins for FCPX/Premiere, but they are only usable within said application(s). For things like Youtube cover pic graphics, social media graphics etc it would be "strange" to create those within FCPX or Premiere with its "timeline" layout. For that one should use Designer, which is document-centric. Long story short: it would be absolutely "KILLER" if Designer was able to utilise those plugins in a static document environment. Over to you, guys, and for all those sympathizing with me, please leave a comment or a "bump". Thank you! Helmar
  5. Do any Affinity photo editing or graphics editing products (or indeed any others ...) have features such as drop zones which are available in some video editing packages? Effectively these allow pre packaged editing to be set up, and then an object is just dropped into the zone and it will have the appropiate characteristics merged to fit. Although I would not recommend the use of tools such as Final Cut Pro X for photo editing, it is clearly possible to do so, and that would allow drop zones to be used - for example a shot with a TV in the room and/or pictures on the wall, or a window with an outside view, could have those areas set up and images just dropped in at will. Would that be a useful feature in a still photo editing package?
  6. Hei there, I just "discovered" today more or less by accident, how straightforward it is to adjust white balance in Final Cut with a LUT from Affinity Photo. I made a short video demonstrating the process for those who stil not have discovered this feature: https://youtu.be/NEKFcxrG3Gc
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