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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I have a problem with imported pdf's when I want to export the file. I have created pdfs in Canva (US letter size) & have imported them into Affinity Publisher for the content on my planner pages using a frame for each. When I go to export the document to pdf, I am being told that the pdf version I have imported is not compatible & will be rasterised (please see screenshot below). I haven't come across this problem before & am not sure how to rectify it - Can anyone help me solve this situation? Many thanks!
  2. Hi! I’m hoping I can get some clarification on exporting a file as an Affinity Template and then trying to reopen it again. I created a few template for a tutorial and used the “export as template” option. I saved the template to a folder in iCloud Drive and then closed the file in Affinity. I was under the assumption that in order to open the file again in the app, I could wither “open from cloud” or import from cloud.” But whenever I try the files are grayed out and I am not able to select them. The only way I seem to be able open the file in the app again is to go to the folder in iCloud Drive, select the file and then choose to use Affinity Photo to open it. I feel as though I am missing something. Can anyone clarify what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
  3. I'm relatively new to Affinity and definitely have a lot to learn. I've just come across this problem which I can't seem to resolve. I've been exporting to .jpg files without problem, until today. I saved a .afphoto file and also exported it to save as a .jpg, however, this time some of the colors changed. The red in one of the buildings is redder in the .afphoto file (which is what I want), than in the .jpg file. I tried to upload the .jpg to show you what I mean, but it won't upload. I could use some help. Thanks yvberj
  4. Hello, I need to send large vector images (9ft high x 4ft wide) to a printer. I export files as pdf, send them via dropbox, or sometimes hightail, and when he opens them the image seems to have the ground colour missing. And image looks transparent. If anyone has any ideas to help me overcome this issue, I would be most grateful. Many thanks, Tigerfeet
  5. Hello, I just want to say that I love Affinity Designer and learning vector design with it seems quite easy. (While at college I opened up Illustrator several times and ended up hopelessly lost despite a fairly solid knowlege of Photoshop itself, but then I never took a Graphics Design course either and that probably would have helped...) I especially enjoy working with your shapes and making interesting patterns! The reason I am asking for dxf file exporting is because my sister has a paper cutting machine (similar to the Silhouette Cameo) which uses those files to automatically cut shapes. So theoretically it would be super quick to transfer said file to her and then cut a bunch of designs into cardstock or other materials to make easy stencils. I realize this is a bit of a niche request. :-) She told me it would be a bit of a hassle trying to export an svg file into dxf. Since I've never done it before I have no idea. . . Another feature request while I'm at it: maybe a spiral shape, tweakable in multiple amazing ways? Thank you guys for all your work, you rock! Also I have been studying your zine from corner to corner and it's been a lot of help for an image I'm working on from my sketchbook which may be hopelessly advanced for me but oh well, it's worth a try.
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