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  1. I'm having a problem with the Clone Tool stalling. When I click the image I want to select, nothing happens. You must wait awhile for it to show what you have cloned. Then when you try move the cloned image and produce the cloned image, again, it takes awhile before it appears. Finally, when it does appear, the quality of the image is not as intense as the original (it's not a big difference, but noticeable). I've considered uninstalling and re-installing the entire program, but don't know if that will help. I am using Windows 10. Any suggestions?
  2. I'm relatively new to Affinity and definitely have a lot to learn. I've just come across this problem which I can't seem to resolve. I've been exporting to .jpg files without problem, until today. I saved a .afphoto file and also exported it to save as a .jpg, however, this time some of the colors changed. The red in one of the buildings is redder in the .afphoto file (which is what I want), than in the .jpg file. I tried to upload the .jpg to show you what I mean, but it won't upload. I could use some help. Thanks yvberj
  3. Hi Dansky, Sorry to ask a stupid question, but how do you convert .lrtemplate to .cube and then import to Afinity?
  4. Bobb - Your not hi-jacking anything. Actually I should have followed up the same way. Yes, I believe a digital version should be high on the agenda of things to do. I happen to travel a lot internationally and am continually looking to lighten my load. I'm a newbie to Afinity Photo and have a lot to learn about using the program. With a digital version I can use it offline and carry this with me to use on the plane, hotel, etc. Afinity - Please rethink your plans for a digital version.
  5. i would like to purchase the workbook, but due to my traveling it will add additional weight and extra baggage to what I already have. Can I get the book and download it as well, so that I can use it on the road? Thanks,
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