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  1. Thanks @Callum! So far the only way I found was to convert .lrtemplate or .xmp files to LUT - .cube and the import to Affinity Photo. Works like a charm Anyways, I'm sure Serif will find a solution to this to 'steal' some Adobe users, and I fully support that!
  2. I know the question is being asked, but I was wondering if anybody got workaround on how to do this, or eventually converting .cube files to .xmp and .lrtemplate? I'm trying to switch completely to Affinity Photo, all I do with Photoshop and Lightroom is editing photos and creating presets. .cube files are awesome because you can use them with AP, Final Cut, and Premiere, but Photoshop and LR won't read them (at least previous PS versions). And btw, I'm asking about this because to one of my previous questions regarding importing .cube file generated in AP on iPad, DM1 pointed that it is possible, you just have to do some additional steps. May be there is a solution, I just haven't found it. Anyways, if you have a solution, will be much appreciated if you share
  3. Thanks @GabrielM ! I guess I'm gonna have to find workaround till the update is released.
  4. Hey guys, as the title says, I was wondering if I could import LUTs creed on iPad to Final Cut X & Adobe Premiere Pro?
  5. Hi @toltec , thanks for your answer, and the video This answers my question, super helpful! Thanks again
  6. Hey everyone, my first topic here, and starting with a question but figured out the forums would be the best place to get support. When I'm editing a photo in Affinity Photo on iPad, I would use multiple layers, like Channel Mixer or Selective Color, then I can save them in the adjustment layers one by one but not combined as 'Preset' or something like this. Is there a way to save all layers into a Preset or a LUT? Thanks
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