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  1. Thank you! This was helpful! I’ve been playing around with this and it seems as though the only FX I can’t reset in the way demonstrated in the video is an Outer Shadow. It will rest some of the settings to default, but not all. Could this be a glitch? I tried in both Affinity Photo and Designer. Thanks so much for your responses!
  2. Hi Dan! Thank you so much for the reply and recording, but adjustment layers are not what I am referring to. My issue is with Effects placed on a layer. For example, if I had an Outer Shadow placed on a layer, the default settings are as follows: Opacity 50% Radius 0.0 Offset 0.0 Intensity 0 Let's say I adjust the settings to: Opacity 50% Radius 25 Offset 15 Intensity 10 Then I decide to toggle the Outer Shadow off. If I go back to toggle it on again, the context tool bar shows the adjusted setting, not the default. I am wondering is there a way to have those settings revert to the default settings, as if I was toggling the effect on for the first time, and not the ones I adjusted them to. I hope I am making sense. Kelly
  3. If I place an effect on a layer, and then decide I don’t care for it and I turn that effect off, is there a way for the settings to go back to default if I decide to turn it back on again instead of the original ones appearing I placed on it? Hope I’m making sense! Thanks! kelly
  4. I have a question about guides. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or if I’m missing a setting somewhere, but why is it when I turn my guides off on a document in Affinity Photo for iPad, then return to my Home Screen, the guides automatically show up again when I reopen the document? Isn’t there a way to keep them off until I want to turn them back on again?
  5. Hi! I’m hoping I can get some clarification on exporting a file as an Affinity Template and then trying to reopen it again. I created a few template for a tutorial and used the “export as template” option. I saved the template to a folder in iCloud Drive and then closed the file in Affinity. I was under the assumption that in order to open the file again in the app, I could wither “open from cloud” or import from cloud.” But whenever I try the files are grayed out and I am not able to select them. The only way I seem to be able open the file in the app again is to go to the folder in iCloud Drive, select the file and then choose to use Affinity Photo to open it. I feel as though I am missing something. Can anyone clarify what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
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