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Found 5 results

  1. Affinity V2 apps require a DirectX 10 compatible graphics cards and above to run. To find out which version of DirectX your graphics card(s) supports please follow the below steps: Press the Windows Key + R Type dxdiag into the Run dialog and press OK This will bring up the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Click the Display tab and look at the Feature Levels under the Drivers section - this will show you the feature levels your graphics card supports: Please Note: If you have multiple displays connected to your machine you will have multiple Display tabs listed. You need to make sure that you have the correct Display tab selected to show the correct details for any dedicated graphics card you have installed or connected.
  2. Hi, since the last update ( the publisher says that my graphics card is incompatible with direcx 10 - it is a Geforce GTX 760 which runs fine with directx 11. The error occurs every start of the software. What can I do? I will add the Error screen and the DXDiag screen. Translation of the Error into english: "To work with this Software a DirectX10 compatible graphics card is required. We could not locate such a card. Choose softwareimplementing (don't know what that means) to keep the software running. Please be informed that the software will not perform correctly without a new graphics card." regards Jens
  3. Hi, i know this alread was an topic discussed, but with the upgrade to the latest affinity photo and designer verisons both 1.7x i get a message during startup saying that at least there is a graphicscard needed that is directx 10 compatible. I didnt get that with the former and least 1.6.x versions installed. the check with gpu-z shows that the installed graphics card is capable of directx version 11. I attached a screen shot. was there a change in directx detection going from 1.6.x to 1.7.x? I didn't get that message before my upgrade to 1.7.x. thanks for investigating
  4. This came up because during its maiden run, Affinity Deisgner complained that my video card didn't support directx 10. Interesting wrinkle. I'm running Affinity Designer in a virtual Windows 10 Pro machine via Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization. Dxdiag in the Hyper-V WIndows machine reports only a directx 9e. The host's dxdiag tells me (as I knew) that my graphic card is running directx 11.2. (The host also has a Windows 10 Pro installation). Hyper-V apparently substitutes its own virtual hardware - it apparently can't see into my host machine's innards and find the physical card. A web search results in a possible solution, to use RDP, something about which I know nothing and won't try to play with. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be a sure fix. This may not trigger much instant action among the Affinity developers... I don't know what percent of your user base is working on a virtual machine. But lots of us who dabble in beta releases DO use virtualization as a way of sequestering any rogue behaviors.
  5. I installed AP today and initially got a message about needing DirectX 10 but that AP had fallen back to some other graphics level. This message appeared the first two or three times I ran the software. I started investigating. My system has quite an old graphics card (NVidia GeForce 310) but according to dxdiag is running DirectX11 although the driver is version 9.18.xx - does this mean I'm actually using DirectX9? While investigating, I restarted the software a few times. Now the program starts without any message. How do I figure out exactly what it is doing or needs wrt graphics hardware? Thanks.
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