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  1. Ok, then - I'll have to learn to deal with Photo's UI. Promising workflow here, though, bouncing between the two, like the (very) old Corel days, Photo & Draw.
  2. Rails? Flying blind... Can't put together the file right now - will pick this up in the (No. American) a.m.
  3. Ah, I see. Makes sense. I need to supply clients with a file where the fonts are available on a layer. After some experimentation, it appears that only Designer's PDF export will work. Meanwhile, I purchased AP, but shelved it quickly because I could not fathom the interface. Does Photo have an export format in which the fonts are on a separate layer or exist as a separate object? The idea is for the client to take my version in English and translate the text into Japanese. (The clients don't have either Designer or Photo - and wouldn't buy it until there is a Japanese version.)
  4. Looks promising, JimmyJack, but I think I'm not achieving the goal. I selected all, clicked on the Artboard tool, clicked on "Size" and picked "selection," then clicked "Insert Artboard." It made the entire workspace white. However, "Move Tool" > "Document" reports the right size for the object I want to encompass. It appears that Artboard1 (if that's the original one) is right on top of the new artboard. And I'm baffled by the huge area of white. The actual work area -- the document I want to work on -- is surrounded by a teal border, but I can't find in the help file what that means.
  5. Make it a minimal number of clicks to resize the document ("Project > Trim Canvas" in the screenshot below) to accommodate an imported or copied-in object/graphic. Very, very useful when an illustration is well underway and you have to push a caption off the edge or import a key graphic that's larger than the work-in-progress document height or width (and you don't want to reduce its size). In the graphic below, "Trim Canvas + Padding" allows you to push the document beyond the margins of the new, larger graphic... a pop-up allows you to add however many pixels/inches/cm/mm you want to add Trim Canvas works if you've reduced the size of the elements you want, as well. That is, the project's document becomes smaller.
  6. Believe me, it's unendingly useful to be able to change the dimensions to fit imported material. It's all relative anyway in vector, right? It would appear that no such facility is in Designer - at least highly experienced users are instead offering alternative workflows. I'll put together a wishlist entry and find the right forum here.
  7. That sounds like a way to begin. I'm hoping for something that will easily resize an existing file - that is, a file in already in progress - when a new object is larger/smaller. Note that I don't want to resize the new object... I want the 'canvas' to resize itself to the new object.
  8. I'm used to a graphics program that automatically sizes the 'canvas' (file aspect ratio and dimensions) to a placed object. For example, in those programs, I can start with any size (h & w) window, place a screen shot and click once to make the file's dimensions expand or contract to conform to the screen shot. Is there a similar feature in Affinity Designer?
  9. Thanks, all. I didn't look into the PDFs/txts under a bad assumption: they were just the usual legal and license stuff.
  10. Windows versions of Designer and Photo, both updated. Finally worked out how to download the free content for both. However, the free content all seem to be .zip files. I don't see a way to install any of them. How do I get this content into my copies of D & P? Petulant, old man crab: why would you bundle this stuff (yay!) and then make it almost incomprehensible how to download (boo!) and, further, have *no* information in either the files or online on how to install the stuff?
  11. Thanks, Dave. Still and all, my inner (and limited) UI logician would like it in the same input pane (and using the same type mouseclick) where I created the style, rather than having to remember to go to a second UI. Alternatively, add your solution to the help function. There's nothing there about removing a style (as opposed to the text style topic, where the help file tells me to use the [no style] mouseclick.)
  12. Background: I applied a style to a selection. Now I can't figure out how to remove it. The Text Styles Studio has a [No Style] selection - please add the same option to the Styles studio, such that clicking on it removes all styles from a selected object or group.
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