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Found 7 results

  1. How to remove a background in Affinity Photo - Selection Brush Tool The tutorial is full of Affinity tips and tricks from beginning to end. PLUS if you watch all the way through I will show you what I personally would do after removing the background P.S. This is the first time I will show up on camera, pretty exciting for me.. 😅 Enjoy the video, and let me know if you got something out of this tutorial !
  2. I want to eliminate the a black background bg. of an open book lying on a black ground, so I just have the irregular shape of the open book. I've successfully done this on about 6 of them just like this one, using the wand. I can't (or don't know how to) use the wand on this one because of the B+W image (bottom center) abutting the blk. bg. The wand selection enters the image and I can't seem to get the "wand-subtract" setting to eliminate the inadvertent selection of portions of the image. With the magnetic lasso, I can switch to manual mode right before the problem area, trace the edge of the page across the problem area manually and them resume "magnetic" right after the problem area. When I close the selection, I get the marching ants around the book spread. I choose "invert selection" to select the blk. bg. I hit "delete" (as I do, successfully, with the wand) and nothing happens—the bg is not deleted. How do I get the bg. of this magnetic wand selection to delete? How come the selected bg of the image does not delete with the lasso but does delete with the wand selection? thanks, lettergothic
  3. Because of black in an image abutting the black background—which I want to delete, I can't use the wand to select the black background. In situations where I can use the wand, however, I select the background, hit delete, black disappears and I've got the desired checkerboard. However, when I select the object w/the magnetic lasso, invert the selection and hit delete to get rid of the b'ground—nothing happens; it doesn't delete the black b'grnd. How come it doesn't delete the b'ground like the wand selection? How do I delete the b'ground with the lasso selection? Thanks again, as always. lettergothic
  4. Outlining an object: When I use the Flood Select wand to select the background of a simple image, I hit "delete, I get checkerboards and export as a PNG. Done. When I use the Magnetic Freehand tool (because the wand doesn't achieve the desired selection) to select the the same image referenced above, I drag points all the way around and close the selection by clicking on the beginning dot, choose "invert selection" to get the background selected and press "delete" — however, in this case, no checkerboards; no transparent bg. — why does deleting the BG work with the wand but not the lasso? — how can I get the "delete background" to work with the wand? thanks, lettergothic
  5. I want to outline this album image (delete the fabric around the edge) and I can't seem to do it. I tried the wand at all kinds tolerances . . . I tried the flood selection brush at all kinds of sizes . . . Either it takes too much or not enough. "Add" or "Subtract" seems to add too much or subtract too much. "Snap to edge" is checked but it doesn't seem to snap to the edge. I understand about contiguity (I think...) and have experimented with that as well. Can someone tell me the steps necessary to cleanly cut out this image? thanks, lettergothic
  6. Hello. I need help deleting a background from imported images. Most of them are PDF, Photos (I dunno JPEG), Whatever. I just want one method that works across the board. thank you to anyone out there that can assist me further with this.
  7. Hi- I have a simple object in this case a spoon photo that was taken on a white background (see attached picture). I'd like to have the spoon appear on a solid black background- but I can't figure out how to easily do this. I've tried the selection brush tool, but it does not appear to provide smooth lines to then delete the white background. thank's for any help you can offer!
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