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  1. Hi, We have a logo watermark that we use in our videos that is on a transparent background. The edges of the image appear slightly rough, and I am wondering if there is a way to smooth these out so the image has a more polished and finished look? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I am having trouble getting a gradient overlay to do what I want it to. Please see the attached screen shot. You can see the gradient gets less opacity as it moves up... but ends in a line. I am trying to have it blend in with no line, but no matter how I move the sliders, it doesn't seem to work... Thanks for any help!
  3. Ok, thank you, perhaps a simple cropping tool for layers could be included in the next update?
  4. I am able to use the cropping tool to crop the entire document/ image... but how can I easily crop just one layer? Please see the attached screen shot. I want to crop out the white space at the bottom of this image, but can't figure out an easy way to do this. Thanks for your help
  5. Thank you, I used the marquee selection tool as you suggested, but as I pressed shift and dragged downward... nothing moved. Please see screen shot. What do you recommend? Thanks again for your help
  6. I am working on an affinity document that I am exporting to a PSD file for a developer to make a website. After creating the affinity file, we've realized that we want to add an additional section about half way down the document. Please see my attachment-- we want the new section in between the light grey and dark grey backgrounds... I realize that to create space half way down, I could copy and past things and manually move them down, but I am wondering if there is some tool or trick to creating more blank document space in the middle of the page to save time/ make this process easy. Thanks! Kyle
  7. Wow- thank you JimmyJack- your example looks perfect. I tried to follow what you but I am a little stuck on the final step... (My apologies, I am a novice with programs like this) I used the pen to draw the outline of the spoon in smart mode (is this what you did?), created a new blue pixel layer, but not sure what to do next to get the spoon on a blue background-- or achieve the mask layer you're referring to. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks for the idea Callum- I did have the same problem with partial transparency that R C-R mentioned. I manually and tetiously used the selection brush tool for an OK result- but also hoping there is an easier way to do this in the future. Thanks
  9. Hi- I have a simple object in this case a spoon photo that was taken on a white background (see attached picture). I'd like to have the spoon appear on a solid black background- but I can't figure out how to easily do this. I've tried the selection brush tool, but it does not appear to provide smooth lines to then delete the white background. thank's for any help you can offer!
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