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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm using Affinity Publisher with Data Merge Manager to create playing cards from json files. This worked all really well until today, when I updated to Affinity Publisher 2.3. When I now update the json file I'm using, it says "0 fields, 32 records loaded". Before the update, it found 49 fields. Is this a known bug, or a regression? I thought it was a new json file I used, but when I switched to other projects with unchanged json files, the problem occurred, too. I'm using Affinity Publisher 2.3.0, on macOS 14.1.1. Is there a possibility to download Affinity Publisher 2.2 so that I can continue my work? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I really loved Publisher until V2. Just updated to Publisher 2.0.4 to find the good old bug (or feature) to still be there and worse 1. Opening an afpub file originally created with some version 1 O still cannot edit anything inside a textfield that is linked to a data source (xlsx) via datamerge. 2. One could say, yes its linked… thats why… BUT in version 1 I could. Leading, Fontsize, Fonts. 3. Linebreaks. Publisher Version 2 does not do the same linebreaks as version 1. And they cannot be corrected. Also it does not respect linebreaks that are already in the datasource. 4. Finding DataMerge in V2 took some moments, why was it moved? Relearning interfaces is no fun. 5. Finding the „fields“ window was really a drag, has to open „help“. Why was it moved and why hidden in a submenu? Nobody will look there, I promise. 6. The old bug, still being there is that when changing the datasourcepages in Datemerge window, the fields sometimes do not get updated, or only some. Only solution (still the same as in V1) is to zoom into the document and back out again to „refresh“ its rendering on screen. Very sad. I had reported this several years ago already. In general this means to me, I should not have bought V2. Its unusable for me. Please revert the tool back to its original funtionality. Best regards.
  3. Is it possible to data merge images that have different dimensions? My uses case is I need to create a page that display an email screenshot and some basic info about that email. The text fields are no issue. The email screenshots are all the same width, but have different height values. Each page has one screenshot. When I perform the merge, all the images get pulled in as expected, but the software can't seem to compensate for the different heights so some images are cutoff or not fully within the bounds of the image frame. "Size Frame To Content" works, but doesn't seem to auto adjust across pages. I've made a master page 600px wide, and made the height extra long to ensure all messages fit. I have multiple ways to go back in and remove the empty spaces later.
  4. Hi, I would like to create a Invoice Template, that should filled with my Item CSV, but I would like to add even/odd line colors but, I don't know how to do it. And also miss a way to autogrow background rects to match the content in it. Is there an example or a function I don't know?
  5. If you attempt to data merge PDF files into an Image frame, it doesn't work correctly if PDF has a trim box defined - all content outside of the Trim Box gets cut. Just to clear things up - Crop Box is used to define which areas of the PDF are cut out. Trim Box defines the cut area for the physical blade cutting, after the document was printed. The content between Trim Box and Crop Box, the bleed area, is supposed to be shown and printed. However, AP cuts all the bleed area out, making it impossible to place a PDFs via Data Merge correctly without altering all of them. Currently I have to delete trim box entirely for data merge to place PDFs correctly, but this shouldn't be required.
  6. Hi guys, ich habe ein Problem mit der Datenzusammenfassung. Ich habe die Exceltabelle wie im Bild zu sehen. Nun möchte ich in Spalte 1 die werte aus der Spalte 1 aus dem Excel. Das funktioniert auch einwandfrei. Bei Spalte 2 setzt die Datenzusammenfassung dann aber schon aus. Ich habe jeweils Spalte 1 das Feld "Breite 1000" zugeordnet und Spalte 2 das Feld "Breite 2000". Habe ich einen Gedankenfehler? Würde mich um Hilfe sehr freuen. (Hi guys, I have a problem with the data merge. I have the excel table as shown in the picture. Now I want in column 1 the values from column 1 from the excel. This also works perfectly. But in column 2 the data merge stops. I have assigned the field "Width 1000" to column 1 and the field "Width 2000" to column 2. Do I have a thought error? I would be very happy for help.)
  7. There is one thing that makes me almost "crazy" - maybe you know a remedy... I have a document with a defined textframe field into which I want to insert names from an Excel spreadsheet - this works fine, but with very long names like "Maximilian Mustermann" there is not enough space. Do you know if Affinity offers a possibility to dynamically adjust the font size to the text frame size? Or to define it: Normal names with 30 pt, as soon as the name exceeds the textframe 2 lines and if it is still too long, adjust the font size until it fits into the frame.
  8. I have promised to produce for a friend about 50 uniquely numbered tickets with a little text and a simple graphic. You'd think this would be dead easy, but after watching the Data merge tutorial and reading the Helpfile, I am stuck. I have created a CSV data-file with a dozen records and a basic A4 document Publisher file but linking them doesn't result in what I hoped for, 7 pages of labels, 8 to a page. I use Data Merge Manager to create the tickets on the page and identify the CSV source file. Then I open the Fields panel. In the Data merge section, my source file TicketNumbers.CSV appears but I cant see how to insert it into the page. I try using the Frame Text Tool but no amount of double-clicking on its name in the Fields panel does anything. I've clearly not understood the task, but how complex can it be? Suggestions very welcome. TicketMaker.afpub Ticket numbers.csv
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