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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I make a calendar every year for my large extended family with all the birthdays and anniversaries printed on their respective dates. I started this custom several years ago, and at that time used Microsoft Publisher 2007 to whip up a calendar template for the year, and then added text boxes with all the holidays and special dates. Needless to say, that was not a very efficient way of doing things... Every year I had to manually move every single text box to the new calendar and make sure they all were more or less lined up and evenly spaced. This year I suddenly realized that I had Affinity Publisher at my disposal! So I went searching about these forums to find out a better, more automated way to publish calendars. A few posts, such as this one on calendar automation, and this one on data merges gave me some guidance in the right direction, and eventually I figured out a way to make a calendar in AfPub using the power of data merge to do the heavy lifting of inputting the dates and the power of text styles to make it all look right. Needless to say, this will save me a lot of time in the future! I'm attaching an AfPub template and a sample .csv file. Anyone is welcome to use/customize these if they would like. I'm sure there are more efficient ways of doing things that I might have missed, so I'd appreciate any constructive feedback you might have to offer! Enjoy! If you have questions about how (or why) I did something the way I did, feel free to ask! Downloading the samples and running the data merge correctly should give you results that look like this: Other resources that were useful: Ubuntu Font: https://design.ubuntu.com/font/ Affinity Publisher Data Merge Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU98GmaQsFQ Deep Dive Data Merge in Affinity Publisher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wav8wuucZUY 2022-afpub-calendar.csv 2022-afpub-calendar-template.afpub
  2. EDIT: It's officially been solved! Thanks to everyone who downloaded the project to try and help and special thanks to Stokerg for finding the data merge layout I had left in the wrong spot. I'll leave the fixed version of the project here for anyone who might find it useful. I will also probably put it in "Share Your Work" with a guide. Thanks again! Hello friends from the Internet. I have been working on a calendar-generating tool in Affinity Publisher that has the following pages: A front cover page to be adjusted in post A page set up for data merge with a picture and text for the month, a grid of days with holidays setup to merge A back cover page with a data merge layout that shows each month's picture on the back Right now, if I go into the data merge manager and step through each record on the included excel sheet, everything appears to look normal, but when I click the merge button, I get the font cover page, a single month page for January, and a back cover page with the image for every month on it. I can't seem to get the data merge to give me calendar pages for each month. I've already checked the excel sheet for blank cells and can't find ones that should matter. I would love it if someone could help me figure this out. Thanks friends! Calendar Project FIXED.zip
  3. Hello, I'm very new to this topic of data merge. I need this because I'm working on a Interslavic-German dictionary and I want to layout this with Publisher. So I found this function of data merge but now I get a problem with that. I'm still using Affinity Publisher 1.XX the last version. So I got this problem with layouting the dictionary. If you try to use data merge without this grid, the system puts me every single element on another page. If I try this with the grid - the problem at the end is, that the grid is not really good to make a normal layout after generation of the data merge. I don't get it. So you can have a look at the picture. If I just put the fields into a single text frame with copy and paste, it will just add the same row of the CSV to this page and put the next row on the next page. If I use the grid for data merge, it will use for every field another row from the CSV data but the problem is the layout. This grid is not really comfortable to use for layouts like this. For dictionary layout I would need a variation but the grid is just really rigid. Have a look on the second picture and you will see that I got problems with the baselines. I could manage it now with working with evey single texte frame again to put it like this that it works finely, but that will take too much time to do, when you have 18,000 words to layout handly. Maybe I don't get the system so well, but is there any possibility beside this grid system to force Publisher to get this done? Best regards reiki11
  4. Hi guys, ich habe ein Problem mit der Datenzusammenfassung. Ich habe die Exceltabelle wie im Bild zu sehen. Nun möchte ich in Spalte 1 die werte aus der Spalte 1 aus dem Excel. Das funktioniert auch einwandfrei. Bei Spalte 2 setzt die Datenzusammenfassung dann aber schon aus. Ich habe jeweils Spalte 1 das Feld "Breite 1000" zugeordnet und Spalte 2 das Feld "Breite 2000". Habe ich einen Gedankenfehler? Würde mich um Hilfe sehr freuen. (Hi guys, I have a problem with the data merge. I have the excel table as shown in the picture. Now I want in column 1 the values from column 1 from the excel. This also works perfectly. But in column 2 the data merge stops. I have assigned the field "Width 1000" to column 1 and the field "Width 2000" to column 2. Do I have a thought error? I would be very happy for help.)
  5. I'm having some trouble figuring out the data merge functionality for multiple page documents. What I need to do: Create a set of two sided cards, with text on both sides. I have an excel spreadsheet with a line for each card, with fields for the text for both sides (ie I don't have separate lines for side A and side B). The help guide explicitly mentions using the Record Origin for double sided sheets, so it seems that it should be possible to achieve. I have tried to use the Data Merge Layout Tool, and have laid out four cards per page. This works fine for the first side, and puts the correct data in subsequent cards. However, when I add the Data Merge Layout Tool on the second page, it doesn't seem to work. I am able to get it to reverse the layout order for the card flip to work, but on the second page either none of my data is inserted, or it continues sequentially from the previous page (So I get the side B text for records 5-8, not the side B text for records 1-4). To illustrate, what I need to get is: Page 1 Record 1 Side A Text Record 2 Side A Text Record 3 Side A Text Record 4 Side A Text Page 2 Record 2 Side B Text. Record 1 Side B Text. Record 4 Side B Text. Record 3 Side B Text. Page 3 Record 5 Side A Text. Record 6 Side A Text Record 7 Side A Text Record 8 Side A Text etc What I get is: Page 1 Record 1 Side A Text Record 2 Side A Text Record 3 Side A Text Record 4 Side A Text Page 2 Record 6 Side B Text. Record 5 Side B Text. Record 8 Side B Text. Record 7 Side B Text. Page 3 Record 9 Side A Text Record 10 Side A Text Record 11 Side A Text Record 12 Side A Text.
  6. When learning a new technique, I much prefer using a written tutorial to watching a video, so when I first used Data Merge to create a set of mailing labels, I turned to the Publisher Help system. It told me all about how to describe my data layout with rows, columns and gutters etc, but not how to actually create the layout on my page! I had to resort to watching the video which indeed demonstrated how to do it. Easy when you know how, but I would never have guessed from the Help file. I was not sure where I should be posting this, but it ended up here. John
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