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Found 14 results

  1. When I insert a cross-reference, right now, I have to first activate the text field to type the piece of text I want to reference. For me it would be much more efficient if the cursor were already in the search field so I can start typing as soon as I use the tool.
  2. When I create a cross reference with a character style override with the to non-breaking option set to true, the cross-reference still flows to the other line by itself. I have to manually add the character override for non-breaking, which is counter intuitive as I now have to do this manually. Video to illustrate 2023-09-23 14-50-53.mp4 Sorry my OBS settings were suboptimal. Steps to recreate: 1. Create a new text frame and add a line of text 2. Create a second text frame and add text to reference in the cross reference 3. Go back to the first frame, add the cross reference and reference the text in the second frame 4. Create a character style like this: 5. And cross-reference style like this: 6. Notice how, if you resize the text frame, the cross-reference still moves to the second line by itself. This means I have to manually hunt these down and apply a non-break character override to such cross-references, which defeats the purpose of applying a character style override to the cross-reference in the first place.
  3. As mentioned in the earlier Beta topic for Cross-references, I would like to have a live preview checkmark so I can immediately see the changes that I am making in my document. Right now, all changes require me to reopen the window > edit the reference > apply > check > repeat. For example in the Beta (with shortcuts). 2023-11-08 14-28-57.mp4
  4. When I add a new cross-reference to my document and my cursor is already in a cross-reference field, the existing cross-reference is modified. This is on Windows 10.0.19045, bug happens in Publisher 2.2.0 and onwards. Video 2023-10-31 17-47-17.mp4 Workaround The workaround is to add another character (e.g. a comma) to create spacing between the new and existing cross-reference, that way, both can be placed at a similar position in the text.
  5. The filter style dropdown is currently not searchable, which makes it a bit tedious if you have to change to another style that is quite some styles away from the one that is currently selected. Therefore, I would like to see the dropdown be changed to be similar to the one used for fonts. This dropdown allows for typing to search and you can navigate it with the keyboard (arrow keys). Overall, that makes the experience more fluid and it is faster to select what you need.
  6. When working with cross-references, I find it annoying that I have to search for the references that I placed on a spread when I move through the document. Therefore, I would like to propose for the panel to scroll automatically to the active page when a text box is activated. This means that when I click inside a textbox to edit text, the cross-references that are most appropriate are already visible to me.
  7. How do I reference a chapter number? I have a paragraph style set to a numbered list and added a Zero-Width space for the numbers to appear. However, the cross-references panel doesn't show these as paragraphs. There's also the section manager that is numbered, but can these numbers actually be referenced? All I want is to say is: see Chapter 2.1. How can I do this?
  8. I am unsure yet what triggers this, but occasionally, when I create a new document, the paragraphs are not populated when creating cross-reference with the any style filter set. The work around is to pick another style and set it back to any style. It then looks like this (the fields are actually empty, was too lazy to do the editing). If you can find the trigger to get the empty panel, please post back here.
  9. Hi, I am working on a document where occasionally, the lines are too long to have the cross-reference on the same line. In this case, only the cross-reference moves over to the new line, but I want to last word of the sentence to also be moved over. Is there a way to make sure the cross-reference is a non-breaking character of some sort? I don't want this: But I do want this (without changing the column or text frame size):
  10. Hi, When I open an IDML file from Indesign, the cross-references in the document completely disappear. There's no telling that there are supposed to be footnotes made using cross-references or references to image names, etc. Please add support for this!
  11. Could references, in-text citations and bibliography features be added for Publisher? I would love to be able to create text boxes where you put all of the sources you have used in with specific formatting (e.g. APA, MLA) and have the text box auto-sort the references alphabetically. Later on, when I want to reference the source in text, it would be cool if there was an auto-complete feature where if you hit a hotkey and start typing the title of the book or author name, Affinity searches for the reference and places it in the text as a cross-reference of some sort. I think it would be good to use cross-references for this, because that will allow you to make specific formats (e.g. just a [1], [2] or [Author name, date], (Author name, date, page number). If this could be part of Publisher, it would save a lot of time and might attract people who use dedicated referencing/ bibliography software.
  12. The ability to tag text elements and generate an index (automatically like the Table of Contents) is one thing I would use in larger projects. Likewise, the ability to build cross references that automatically update the page number (to avoid 'see page XX' errors) is something else that I use regularly, but indexing is a higher priority. This looks really good and I'm looking forward to trying it out properly.
  13. I would like to see support for cross references in the future version of Affinity Publisher. Not only should you cross reference within same document, but also to other documents within same book. I also would like do do cross reference to a footnote (which is not possible with InDesign today).
  14. While you are rewriting the beta versions of the Affinity Suite of applications in preparation for the next retail versions, please consider: 1. Make both the desktop version and the online version of the help files searchable by keywords and key phrases. (provide a search bar in every pane of the help menu files) 2. Produce "fuzzy search" results from any of several possible terms that might be used to search for the same help topic. (ex. A search for Typography, text, verbiage and writing might yield the same search results. or, keyboard, keyboard shortcuts and keyboard customization might yield the same results. (not that these are great examples, but hopefully, you get where I am coming from)) (This way, if a user is not certain how to phrase his/her search, they could still find what they are looking for)
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