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Found 8 results

  1. On Saturday My cat stepped on my backup power supply and turned it off along with my computer and peripherals. At the time I had a document open in Affinity Publisher; I had just saved some changes to the file when this incident occurred. When I re-launched Affinity I got an error message stating that my settings might be incorrect. I'm paraphrasing; I wish I had taken a screen shot but anyway after clearing the error message Publisher opened successfully. I navigated to File>Open recent and discovered that the list was cleared. No problem, I thought. I double-clicked the file expecting it to open just fine, but got this message: "The file type is not supported." I made a copy of the file and changed the file extension to .idml, and when I attempted to open THAT one, the message said the file is corrupted. I didn't see a temporary file stored in the same location with the original (as is the case for many other applications), so I started digging into the User and Program Data folders. There are definitely some files in both those folders with that date's timestamp, but I'm not a programmer so I stopped right there and decided to contact you folks. The file is only one page but it's a file I use every single day. If I could at least get the raw text I think I can recreate it, but I sure would like to NOT have to do that. I opened a few other .afpub files at random and they all opened fine; I'm sure this is isolated to the document which was open at the time I lost power. What seems weird to me is that the file had recently been saved without incident; I didn't lose any work in the file. And is there a setting somewhere to turn on auto-backups? I looked around but didn't find anything. Can you help? Thank you. Gretchen Zeigler Melbourne, Florida USA Grocery List CURRENT.afpub
  2. I repeatedly experienced files that properly worked during editing to show, when reopening them after a few days, a message that the file couldn't be opened, as it was corrupt. I create and initially save my files on the desktop and then move them to a Synology NAS. Weardly, some files will reopen properly and some not. Can you please help?
  3. Hello all, this is my first post to the forum. I've been a happy Affinity user so far (well, I still am... I own Designer and Photo, both for Windows) and I work on a Windows 8.1 Bootcamp partition on a 2011 MacBook pro (yep, THAT old). In the last weeks though, a problem occurred twice: Affinity Designer ( apparently saved correctly my file, but the next day while trying to open it again I got an error and the file does not open again. After the first time (an unpleasant surprise), I searched the forum and a few posts pointed to a potential drive corruption but I checked my SSD and it's ok. I should add here that the drive I'm saving to is in the Mac partition and managed in Windows through MacDrive (I am using this setup since 2011 and I never had any issues with any program, Affinity Designer and Photo included). Fortunately, for the first case I had a recent backup and I was able to recover most of the work done. But the second time happened after a particularly productive day finishing late at night, so I stupidly didn't do a backup. In both cases there were no warning signs: Designer seems to save correctly, there was no weird behaviour from the computer or the operating system themselves, everything looked like it all went well. Except, the next day the files were suddenly not opening anymore. Also, there are no related files in the AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Designer\ folders and subfolders (there was a crash report from 2019, but nothing more recent). The errors were different in the two cases: "The file type is not supported" and "The file appears to be corrupted". I am attaching here the file that generated the "corrupted" error (for some reason the upload of the other file fails even though it's just a little above 1 Mb) in the hope something can be done or that at least some light can be shed on the cause and maybe have potential fixes in future versions. Than you in advance for the support! Alessio froGH_icons_20200427_problem-corrupted.afdesign
  4. Not sure what to do. I don't want to upload the file for everyone so if a mod could please help I'll upload the corrupted file to the Affinity Support Team over Dropbox. I was trying to move a constraints group outside its group. Immediately it crashed. Upon re-opening, it gave me a recovery file and I was able to open that. I resized the constraints group down again, saved the project so I wouldn't lose any more progress, then dragged the constraints group again outside the group it's in. Immediate crash. Now I'm unable to open the project at all, Affinity Designer immediately crashes when trying to open the file. Is there any way I can recover the file? I had important saved work on there. Edit: I'm using Affinity Designer on a Windows 10 Desktop PC, hope that helps. Edit 2: I'm pretty sure I posted this in the wrong forum, please move this to Affinity Designer Bugs, thank you!
  5. Hello, I'm not sure if I'm in the right section, so if not, please direct me to the correct section. Two very important files that will not open. When I open in Affinity Photo, the message I get is "This File type not supported." I created this file in the 1.7 program. I'm currently working with the newest version, which is 1.8.3 Any help would be appreciated. product-template-lg.afphoto product-template.afphoto
  6. Hi, 1 - I have been working on this Publisher file for two days and now I can't open it. It seems it is corrupted. I have also tried to open the document with the beta version, without any luck. Could you please have a look to the file and try to send back a recovery version? Thank you! 2 - I suggest it would be a great thing to get an auto-save folder with increments by default to avoid any problems like this (I have lost two days of work which I believe is a serious matter). Kind regards, Philippe. corrupted file.afpub
  7. Top 8 Games like Dark Sector Introduction: Dark Sector is a game developed by Digital Extremes and published by D3 Publisher is a perfect blending of Action-Adventure and Third-person Shooter video game. The game concludes both Single-player and Multiplayer modes for you to choose. The storyline happens in the imaginary country of Lasria known as Eastern Bloc and follows the main character named Hayden Tenno, who is a CIA clean-up man. Dark Sector According to the game, the main character struggles to defeat the rogue agent named as Robert Mezner, the right of Hayden, who is infected with a virus known as Technocyte, which capable him to grow a three-pronged. You will take on the role of the main character, and your principal mission is to take down the enemies using the tri-blade armaments and connect with non-player protagonists and environment to resolve puzzles. Dark Sector is the best game to try. A list of Top 8 Games like Dark Sector is really awesome, have a look at it, will you? Let’s join us to see what’s inside below! 1. Condemned: Criminal Origins The first game in the Top 8 Games like Dark Sector is Condemned: Criminal Origins. The game is produced by Monolith Productions and published by Sega which is an inspiring combination of Action, First-person Perspective, and Horror-Survival video game. The game has Single-player mode only and provides exploration gameplay with a heavy emphasis on melee compete, solving puzzles, involving finding clues, searching for fingerprints and more. Condemned: Criminal Origins You will step into the shoes of the main character, a detective and your final mission are to explore the breathtaking world around you to finish a variety of objectives. The game is full of strange beasts, mysteries, and an antagonist, and you can use various armaments during the gameplay to defeat opponents and earn points. Exciting stages are available, and you have to fulfill each one to progress through the game. 2. Betrayer The second game in the Top 8 Games like Dark Sector is Betrayer. Betrayer is a game developed and published by Black power Games is a marvelous combination of the Action-Adventure, Stealth and First-person Shooter elements video game. The game happens in the 17th century and is set in colonial Virginia. It gives you a chance to incarnate as the main character and allows you to use colonial armaments to take down the antagonists. Betrayer According to the game’s story, the main character sailed to imaginary England expecting to get access to an overcoming colony. It is featured with an open-ended environment and lets you discover the world from a first-person view, communicate with non-player protagonists and find clues to unearth the colony and find buried gems. Click here to find out more: 10 best Civilization's alternative games you don't want to miss 3. Pathologic The third game in the Top 8 Games like Dark Sector is Pathologic. The game is developed by Ice-Pick Lodge and published by Buka Entertainment which is mixed of Adventure, First-person Shooter and Survival video game with Role-playing elements. The game will turn around three dissimilar main characters who are known by their nicknames such as Haruspex, Bachelor, and Devotress. Every of them overcome to reveal the source of the strange disease called Sand Plague that attacks the environment. Pathologic The game happens in the perpetual environment, where you have to choose your character, and jump into the strange world where you have to uncover the secret behind the mystery. There are a dozen of days available in the game, and you will receive new quests from NPCs each day that you have to complete at any cost to progress through the plot. And the secrets of the town will be unlocked as you complete a set of challenges. John Romero's Daikatana The next game in the Top 8 Games like Dark Sector is John Romero's Daikatana. The game is developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos Interactive is an amazing combination of Action-Adventure and First-person Shooter video game. The game has both Single and Multiplayer modes to play and occurs in the stunning environment and features more than twenty-four stages split into four episodes. Every episode offers special places and periods of ancient Greece, 25th Century Japan, the Dark Age, and more. John Romero's Daikatana The storyline will turn around the main character, who overcomes to rescue his land from dark forces. The game is telling about exploration, resolving puzzles, communicating with NPCs, and unlocking upgrades. You will navigate the world from a first-person view with a mission to complete a number of stages to accomplish each episode. The game will reward you with points for takedown antagonist, and he can use to unlock more powerful armaments, armors, and equipment to defeat massive bosses. The game will become desperate to play, once you advanced through it. Battlefield Hardline The fifth game in the Top 8 Games like Dark Sector is Battlefield Hardline. The game is published by developed by Visceral Games and Electronic Arts which is a great mix of Action-packed and First-person Shooter video game. The game has both Single-player and Multiplayer modes for you choose. This game is different from previous installments in the series of Battlefield, the game focuses on the heist, crime and policing elements instead of military conflict. The gameplay will turn around two main characteristics such as Criminals and Special Response Units. Battlefield Hardline In order to get into the world, you need to choose your squad and start manipulating the game. You then can get access to diverse military gadgets, vehicles, and armaments like handcuffs, and Lenco Bearcats. You will discover the environment from a first-person view, use numerous armaments to take down the opponents to earn points. 6.Mission: Impossible The sixth game in the Top 8 Games like Dark Sector is Mission: Impossible. It is created and published by Ocean Software is an amazing blend of Adventure, Stealth and Third-person Action video game. The game has Single-player only and offers an action-packed gameplay based on the adventure movie of the same name released in 1996. Mission: Impossible You will control the main character named as Ethan Hunt in various challenges, and most of the gameplay centers on combating a number of aims disguised or undetected. You will need to blast the targeted place within a limited time to finish the task. As the game enhances, the game becomes desperate to play and unlock another stage to navigate. You will discover the world from a third-person aspect and can communicate with non-player protagonists and environment to resolve multiple missions. More information : The best place for finding games like your favorite game 7.Nuclear Union The next game in the Top 8 Games like Dark Sector is Nuclear Union. The game is developed by Best Way as well as published by 1C Company is an impressive blend of Action-Adventure, Post-apocalyptic, and Third-person Shooter video game with Stealth elements that support for Microsoft Windows in 2014. The storyline happens during the Cuban Missile crises in the year 1962, with the narrative and the gameplay is set in modern days the Soviet Union. Nuclear Union It combines the role-playing, exploration and shooting elements and casts you in the role of the main character, a soldier who must discover the environment from a third-person aspect, fight the antagonist using a range of armaments. It will offer an open world environment and lets you move freely in the environment around you. The game will reward you with experience points to take down the opponents, and you can use to get access to additional armaments and equipment. It brings challenge-based gameplay, and each challenge needs a completion of individual tasks to progress. You will be equipped with principal arms that can be changed or upgraded during the gameplay. 8.Hard Reset: Extended Edition The last game in the Top 8 Games like Dark Sector is Hard Reset: Extended Edition. It is developed and published by Flying Wild Hog which offers a more genuine world with First-person Shooter elements. The game has the Single-player mode for Windows platforms. The game will turn around a cyberpunk plot and provides the same game style to Quake and Unreal. Because of the storyline, the remaining human city is known as Bazoar, the main character named as Major Fletcher and soldiers are included in a huge conflict between two greatest humanity antagonists. Hard Reset: Extended Edition It brings fast-paced and action-packed gameplay with Single-player mode and offers a fully destructible environment. You will take on the role of the main character, and your final objective is to navigate the world from a first-person view, use a number of advance forces, and defeat the opponent to earn points. Final Verdict: What are you still waiting for? The list of Top 8 Games like Dark Sector is right in front of you, try them now! In case you don’t feel satisfied, let’s head to https://coolgameslike.com to find out more information.
  8. I recently logged on to my computer (Win 10 PC) to find that the shortcut for my Affinity Designer program was not appearing properly. When attempting to run the program, it remarked that files for the software could not be found. Fearing the files may have somehow been corrupted, I re-downloaded the software and launched the program as an admin. Upon opening, a message appeared informing me that the Product Key was Invalid, after which the program closed out. Following this, I went all the way back to the original emails I was sent from Affinity upon my purchase, and from there I downloaded the software again using the link they had provided for me. Installation of the software gave me the option of removing the previously existing files or repairing them, so I clicked on repair. After this was completed, I launched the program again, only to find the same message informing me that my Product Key was Invalid. Can someone please provide assistance on how to fix this issue, as I am in the middle of several projects that I would like to have completed in a timely manner.
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