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  1. I know it's possible to do this with a colour overlay, though ideally I need the icons to have the correct colour on export as I'm exporting these icons to web. Right now, tinting a group allows you to tint the fill or the stroke, and all the objects in that group will switch to that stroke or fill. The ideal scenario would be a "smart tint", so you could tint a group and it would tint all fills and strokes which are enabled, ignoring the fills and strokes which are disabled. Just checking if this feature already exists, and if not please move this thread over to suggestions. Thanks.
  2. The first crash happened when I moved a constraints group out of its parent group. This created a backup file in the backups folder. I reloaded the project from the backup and resized the constraints group. I saved the project to avoid losing any progress. Then I again tried to move the constraints group outside of its parent group. Immediate crash. The project then became corrupted. If the backups folder stored the backup file for longer than it did, I would still have access to my project. Link to bug report for the crashing.
  3. Thank you for trying, hopefully we can get this resolved. Edit: Just saw your message, will take a look. Edit2: Thank you thank you thank you thank you! It's exactly how it was apart from the constraint groups as you said. Time to make many backups Hopefully with the info I've given this bug will be fixed in a future update.
  4. Not sure what to do. I don't want to upload the file for everyone so if a mod could please help I'll upload the corrupted file to the Affinity Support Team over Dropbox. I was trying to move a constraints group outside its group. Immediately it crashed. Upon re-opening, it gave me a recovery file and I was able to open that. I resized the constraints group down again, saved the project so I wouldn't lose any more progress, then dragged the constraints group again outside the group it's in. Immediate crash. Now I'm unable to open the project at all, Affinity Designer immediately crashes when trying to open the file. Is there any way I can recover the file? I had important saved work on there. Edit: I'm using Affinity Designer on a Windows 10 Desktop PC, hope that helps. Edit 2: I'm pretty sure I posted this in the wrong forum, please move this to Affinity Designer Bugs, thank you!
  5. Data Merge would make Affinity Publisher an instant buy for me. I use it for creating and updating card games in InDesign, and there's not really a tool out there with the same ease of workflow. I understand this is a big feature request, though some update on this, a loose timeline, or just some showing off a very early prototype would be really nice! Thanks.
  6. Ahh, this isn't implemented yet? Here's hoping it'll be added in the next major update. It was the primary tool for me while using InDesign.
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