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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I have recently experienced files becoming corrupted when using Photo V2 and Designer V2. I have had a look through the various posts on the forum and can't seem to find a solution to the problem. I am using a laptop with windows 11, my files are stored on an external hard-drive but this has been working find. I have other files created at the same time via Designer that are still opening OK (so far!). I have tried moving the files to my internal hard drive but that hasn't helped. The files do contain a number of layers and png photo's (I am making xmas cards for a local animal charity). The pictures being used are my own and have been adjusted and exported as png's from Photo v2. I am assuming that it must be something to do with the pictures but can't be sure. The pictures look fine separately and I have recreated one of the files and readded the pics and so far so good. There doesn't seem to be any reason for the corruption, the files were fine yesterday when I saved and closed them but corrupted today when I tried to open them. Can anyone advise how I can resolve this? Recreating one file, whilst a pain, is doable but if this is going to happen randomly to complicated files insanity will soon follow ! I have uploaded one of the designer files that has corrupted. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks frame_xmascards_blue.afdesign
  2. Greetings, I need help recover a .afphoto file, too ^^ I saved it at the wrong place... 1. Which Operating System are you using? Win 10 2. Which version of Affinity did the file last get saved in? 1.10.5 3. What drive type was the file last saved to (select more than one if needed)?External disk Can anyone help me please? Thanks a lot!
  3. I design talismans for a video game and it requires lot's of work I spend 7 hours designing this one as my client is very picky. Can you recover this one? COVID-19 Talisman2.afphoto
  4. 2 days ago, I working on Affinity Photo and I usually save the file in an external hard drive. I open the file again today and Affinity Photo said it was corrupted. More in detail, Affinity Photo can load the file but not 100% of it and I can see all my work in there. (Photo Layer etc.). And suddenly the popup said "Failed to load document : ... The document appears to be corrupted. The document must now be closed." I have read some article on affinity forum and I believed Affinity Support Team can help me recover the file. I can not put the file publicly because It was a commercial work. So I need help from Affinity Team directly. Please reply and I will DM back immediately.
  5. Hi Affinity Team, I can't open publisher file and it says that file is corrupted. Is there a way to fix it or can you please repair it? I'm using macOS 12.5.1 and Publisher 1.10.5. The file is private and also about 12gb big. Thanks.
  6. Hi there, I was working for many hours on a document. Saved it a couple of times and it went well. At one point and for no specific reasons, tried to save and it didn't work. Saved the file to a different name and it prompted a message that I don't remember, but it was a general message. I only used a few PNGs and text. Anyway, Affinity Designer crashed at one point. Tried to reopen one of the 2 files and it failed, see the attached screenshot (both having zero bytes) It seems that all my work is gone and that's devastating. Computer: Macbook Pro (see attached) Affinity: Most recent (1.9) File: Saved on my Documents folder (locally and backed on the cloud) Please help.
  7. Hello guys, I have issue with my .afdesign current project files. When I still working with my project, the affinity designer app suddenly showing notifications that "The file appears to be corrupted" and I don't know why it happened. Can somebody help me fix and repair my .afdesign project files or give me a solution? I've worked for 3 days, always doing Ctrl + S to save the document and now I'm so desperate because this issue I had looking for solution in the internet and nothing had worked
  8. Hello, Using Windows 11 Pro 21H2 - build 22000.556 and Affinity Photo is (just installed) Picture was taken with a Fuji X100V in BW jpg (no raw conversion) When exporting a picture downsampling it, the images appears corrupt (see attached). Do you have an idea about the reason why this happens? Regards, maxbe
  9. In the middle of working, all my artboard items have disappeared and only a few items which are from past versions are still there. The file is pretty messed up, and I've worked on this for a good many months and now my 100+ artboards are all gone. It would be greatly appreciated if it could be recovered somehow, if possible. Attached is the file that is suddenly messed up. Mafia 3.afdesign
  10. Hello moderators, I was working on an Affinity Publisher project and all of a sudden the file is corrupted.. I deleted some texts in that file and wanted to save the altered file. But then there was a warning that the file couldn't be found and it is broken now... After restarting the computer, I can't open the file at all. It says it's corrupt all the time. I read in the forum that it might be possible for you to recover files - it would be amazing of you could try it. The file however is private - would you be able to provide a dropbox link where I can upload it privately? Thank you so much for your time. Best Kathy PS: I found these questions in a different post and wanted to give you the details: 1. Which Operating System are you using? Windows 10 2. Which version of Affinity did the file last get saved in? 3. What drive type was the file last saved to (select more than one if needed)? Local disk 4. Any other information you think would help us try to find the problem? There sadly is no backup..
  11. Hi, I have an afdesign file I have been working on in designer for a couple of weeks. I have not opened it for 4-5 days and just gone to open it. Unfortunately every time I try to open, it comes up as corrupted and insists it is closed down. I have tried software and hardware reset and even a copy of the file, to no avail. I understand from other threads I have found, that this might be recoverable if sent to the developers, and was looking for an avenue to access this option please? I am working on a surface Pro 4 and the file is being worked on from an expansion Micro SD card I have been using for some years now. Other files from this location are working fine still. Marvel_Art_Deco_Prints.afdesign
  12. HEY there After working for several hours in AF Publisher and frequently saving the file as AF file .I just got a shocking pop message that the file is corrupted. Closed the application and restarted ,tried to open in Design as well same message. I am a new user to affinity ,can some one guide me how to recover the file.I have spent almost six hours working on this project If the file has to be forwarded, can you please point at the concerned technical staff. I am on Windows 10 and using the latest version of Affinity Publisher,Design,Photo,1.8.3 Thanks Murali
  13. Hi guys, today I wanted to reopen some different files which were created yesterday. Unfortunately today some files couldn´t open through double click the file or inside the the application. Is there any workaround or something else? At the moment I can´t continue to work with "Affinity" if I can´t open my recent files. Thanks Btw. I placed in every file a pdf with my drafts. The source were not deleted.
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