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Found 6 results

  1. Running Windows 10 64-bit and Affinity Photo ver Until a couple of days ago I could open RAW files (from Pentax K3 camera) and develop without problems, now, both new and previously processed RAW files now appear as very dark and underexposed, The attached files show a dark image that previously was fine when processed, along with Preferences and Assistant settings that I haven't changed in months, and a screen shot of the RAW file as shown in Picasa. As far as I know there have been no changes to my Windows system etc., it just seems that Affinity Photo is no longer opening the RAW files properly. I've no idea why Affinity has suddenly stopped working as it used to.
  2. Hi there, With the new version of Affinity Photo (1.8.2) I've experienced a weird behavior of the software when importing raw files (RW2, Panasonic format). The colors appears darker, but only while developing the raw, and this makes almost impossible to work on them...Anyone has experienced it? Is there a fix? For now I've switched back to 1.8 in order to keep on working. Cheers!
  3. I have been testing the AP beta (build 526) CR3 to TIFF batch conversion and then comparing the result to three other program conversions: Luminar 4, v4.1.0 (5191) Digital Photo Professional 4, v4.11.0.2 FastStone Image Viewer, v7.4 I ran a library of 56 CR3 files from my Canon 90D for a rough conversion timing: DPP - approx. 12 min. Luminar 4 - approx. 13 min. AP Beta 526 - approx. 7 min. FastStone IV - approx 1.25 min. Using one files as an example,these are the converted sizes: (orig. CR3 file: 10,387KB) AP Beta: 190,738KB DPP: 186,984KB FS: 94,615KB L4: 189,230KB I viewed the tif (tiff) images in several different programs to get a feel for their general appearance prior to post processing. A couple things stood out: The FastStone image had the lowest overal quality especially related to finer detail and contrast. The Digital Photo Professional and Luminar 4 had nearly identical appearance with the expected levels of detail, brighthness, contrast, etc. I judged the DPP image to be slightly brighter than the L4 while I preferred the blacks and mid tones of L4. The Affinity Photo Beta was seriously "underexposed" and required a 50% increase in brightness or just over a +1 stop exposure compensation to achieve a similar appearaance to the DPP and L4 images. All of the AP converted had this issue. Color rendition is a bit different in the four programs but I haven't had time to dig into that. The attached image is a quick screen shot of the four images opened in AP beta and placed side by side. Not to be used to judge detail, etc but is a fast way to see the brightness issue in the AP conversion.
  4. Hello, after developing RAW images (CR2), they are displayed much darker than in development. This is not a good thing because it means a lot of additional work. For this reason I only use the 1.7.3 version although the 1.8 would otherwise be better.
  5. When developing a RAW file (I have tried DNG and RW2 with same results), the images look completely different after clicking the Develop button in the Develop Persona. The image looks completely washed out. See the before and after attached. Using Windows 10, Affinity Photo version Problem started recently, I have not changed any settings, same video card, display, color profile, etc.
  6. Hi! I have some issue with Affinity Photo when editing RAWs and was trying to open RAWs in every possible way to edit it, but it no matters how I load files it'll be like this – Opening file -> Editing in Develop Persona -> Clicking "Develop" -> Waiting for finishing develop process in Photo Persona -> Weird and not accurate look of my edited photo. I have this problem since updated to 1.7.3, but after that I had uninstalled AfPh and then downloaded 1.7.2, but it does not help. Please watch video until end, because I'm waiting there for finishing of Developing process, but the dialog window is not visible. Thanks! Affinity Photo 2019-10-06 15-05-09.mp4
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