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Found 7 results

  1. I am using Aff Publisher 2.04 on Windows 10. I want to create multiple pages of multiple photos, about 30 photos total. I have 1 Master Page with 4 picture frames. Publisher obligingly created one page with the four frames. I then left clicked on the first photo, then hit Ctrl-A and it SELECTED all of the photos. However, when I left click on the first frame of the first page, the image either doesn't appear at all, or sometimes appears "ghosted" and upside down - and even though all of the images have been selected, it does not populate the frames. I've watched videos and I think I'm doing all that is required. Is there an "autoflow" button that I'm unaware of? Any help appreciarted.
  2. I have a text field which I have pinned multiple tables to. The tables occur in the flow of the text field one after another. After doing so, I went to edit the first table in the sequence and inserted a row into that table. After doing so, the inline position of the following tables did not change position to accommodate the now larger first table. This led to the bottom of the first table becoming hidden behind the following inline table. Is this something that should be able to function properly, or is there something I need to do to have the text field recalculate the auto flow positions for the tables after the height of one has changed? As an additional related question... I have the text field auto spanning across pages. It seems like affinity does not auto split tables to keep them inline if the entire table will not fit on the page. Instead, it places the table on the next page instead and just leaves a space in the flow of the text field at the bottom of that page. Is this just the default behavior which can be adjusted, or is this currently the only behavior? Thanks, Mitchell
  3. I have created a journal using text autoflow within a two-page master. The first file I did was fine. But the second one will not export to PDF without crashing at around 3% and dropping out of Publisher. It has 121 pages, and the autoflow runs over a two page 'week' for the diary. There are also other text autoflows for the months and dates throughout the document, but not within the masters. There are no graphics other than on the first page, and it is all in black and white (not that that should make any difference). Any ideas on how to fix this would be gratefully received? 🙂 Jayne Willingale
  4. Hi When I go to export my document to PDF it says "Overflowing text - One or more text frames have overflowing text". Now I've clicked each frame and don't see a red triangle indicating that there's some overflow. Is there a tool that, like spell check, will go through document to show the frame with overflow? Any other ideas? Thanks John
  5. Affinity Publisher Public Beta - on Windows 10 The setup: Create new file. Create a master page for Chapter Title (single page, recto) and a master spread (verso/recto, complete with text boxes. Create page and apply Chapter Title master. Create spread for pages 2 and 3 and apply verso/recto master to it. Place an RTF file that will result in approx 350 pages, beginning on page 1 (Chapter Title,) and manually flowed onto pages 2 and 3 (verso/recto,) (because if I autoflow from page 1, all newly-created pages, including 2 and 3, will have the Chapter Title master automatically applied.) So far, so good. However, at the end of each chapter, I need to insert an odd-page break, and then apply the Chapter Title master to the next odd page. When I do so, the text is apparently deleted on the page where I apply the new master. Applying a new master (either of my masters) to any page(s) has the same effect. The text on those pages is deleted. Alternatively, if I manually flow from page 1 to 2, then to 3 and beyond, the flow will not cause a conversion of master on consecutive pages as it does with autoflow, however at some point (in one test about 40 pages in, the text will become invisible on the next page. What I mean by invisible is that I cannot see the text, but it is apparently "there," because if I use CNTL+A to highlight all text, I can see the highlight on an otherwise blank page (see attached .pdf.) So in some way, the text exists; I just can't see it. If I apply a new master to any next page (say, to begin a new chapter,) then the text disappears again, by which I mean if I use a selection method like CNTL+A, there are no highlights on the newly-mastered page to indicate that text exists in some way that is invisible. Nice that autoflow works on re-opened files now, but I would not expect it to convert pages I've already created to new masters. Thanks for all the good work. Onward and upward. Bruce Wilkinson Spread.pdf
  6. In Publisher, I created a text box that took up the whole page. I then pasted a ton of text into it. I do not see where there is the option to click on a plus sign at the bottom of the box and tell it to set up the same boxes on other pages the same size, and then have the text auto flow until all of the pages are filled. Has that feature been removed from Publisher? It is one I use all of the time. I see where I can keep dragging to create more boxes, but don't see the autoflow feature. Am I in error?
  7. Please include picas as a measurement option. Essential when selecting type. Hopefully you will include the little reverse L-shape which rested in the top left-hand corner at the intersection of vertical and horizontal rulers, permitting one to draw a new left-hand corner, or to establish a center line, with ruler measurements forward and backward refigured to represent the new 0-point. This was a very useful option in Aldus Pagemaker and Adobe InDesign. Saves so much trouble. For those of us who have published several books using Pagemaker/InDesign, we are now stuck either paying a king’s ransom for InDesign, or never being able to revise/update our books, because they can only be stored in MAC as PDF files. Can you include an Import PDF option which can then be converted to AFFINITY format, so we can once again edit previous work? This would be wonderful! In the text layout features, Pagemaker had an autoflow option permitting one to keep on typing without fiddling around with icons to the left and right, in order to link text from page to page and sparing us from having to draw new text blocks on each succeeding page. This was marvellous. Hope you can consider it. InDesign permits one to draw a block for which either text or images can then be inserted. Then there are four options for scaling the image. One can toggle between the scaling options to choose how best to present the image. iCalamus (very irritatingly) makes one chose an image and then use it to draw the block. Then one is stuck. Hope this description makes sense.
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