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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, My first time creating a topic on this forum, please excuse any errors / oversights. Today I encountered this error on Affinity Designer on Windows 10. I had 6 artboards in a file. I created slices and exported jpegs and closed the file. Later on when modifications were done to some of the artboards and ready for exporting slices again, the file kept on crashing when the slices panel was opened. On searching the forums for similar issues reported by others, I came across this (and other similar) thread(s):- I think this issue was addressed earlier, but has resurfaced in this version. I updated Affinity Designer to last Saturday (19th Sept 2020) from the earlier version 1.8.4.x. Since my workflow (almost always) involves creating multiple artboards and exporting slices I can say with confidence that I have never encountered this issue earlier, i.e. since Nov 2019 when I began using Affinity Designer. In the meanwhile, I copied the artwork to a new file and refrained from creating slices. The new file has been behaving OK. Please let me know if you require additional inputs from me.
  2. Hello, I've noticed a consistent behaviour where the app freezes when using the scroll wheel to scroll through the slices in the export persona. Using the scrollbar shows no problems. This happens no matter what state hardware acceleration is in. This has been happening for a few versions now. To replicate, create/open a document with enough artboards/slices to overflow the panel so that you need to scroll through it. 6JJYSimrbB.mp4
  3. Hey there, I've never had a crash using Designer so far, but today I'm encountering frustrating crashes all day long. I have a very basic set of icons, probably 63 on one document. Then am using the Export Persona to export them all at whichever sizes I require. Unfortunately, now I'm experiencing crashes when I start clicking and opening the slices on the right hand panel. It doesn't happen if I quickly click them, and ensure the tool-tip doesn't pop up, but the second the tool tip appears, Designer freezes and I can't get it back. I've had about 20 hangs this way just today so thought I'd post on here and see if anyone else has seen some issues? Clutching at straws, could it be that I now have 63 output slices? It seemed to dislike it the second I added the 60th slice. This was when I began seeing the hanging. I've tried restarting by holding Ctrl to clear to defaults, but nothing seems to help. Thanks, Tim
  4. The German Affinity Designer (and all known versions before that) for Windows reliably crashes under the following conditions (see attached video): On a file with a large number of slices, scroll bars appear for the slices list. Fine. I do not scroll through this list by dragging the scroll indicator, but use the mouse scroll wheel instead (no problems happen when dragging). Scrolling to the end of the list (at 0:12) is possible, Designer uses around 6% CPU time. Fine. Expanding the last slice in the list (0:13) makes the list take up more space, so the scroll bar reflects that. Now I mouse-wheel-scroll slowly to the end of the list, which by some reason now contains lots of unused space at its end. At 0:16, though I still scroll down, the list jumps up, Designer freezes, CPU usage increases to 25% (which is 100% of one core), and Designer can only be killed manually. Since I only have this one file with as many slices, I don't know whether or not the problem is repeatable with other files. If you need the file for debugging, please send me a private link – I may not post this publicly... Andreas Weidner SliceCrash.mp4
  5. I want to export multiple parts of my design to Spine for animation and after creating the Slices in the Export Persona Layer tabs, the program locks up when switching to the Slices tab. All I need to do is scroll down the slices list or select a slice for the program to lock and nothing can be done with it expect End Task. Versions: Windows 10 2004. Affinity Designer I have a .afdesign I can send to a member of staff at Serif, which I don't want to post here. EDIT: I can actually export the slices, if I select the layers I want to export, switch to the slices tab and change the Batch Builder to "Spine JSON" and then "Export Slices (18)". In other words if I don't interact with the Slices list in any way the program remains stable.
  6. Been happening consistently on 2 PC's running 1.8.5 If I scroll all the way to the end of the Slices list, the program freezes and I have to end task.
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