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Found 5 results

  1. When exporting SVG from a document with TrueType fonts, the TrueType 2nd degree outlines are converted to 3rd degree curves, which adds a lot of extra data, and rounding. That is not necessary, SVG supports 2nd degree curves perfectly well, even within one path. Adobe has historic beef with 2nd degree curves, no need to copy their discriminating behaviour 🙂
  2. First love your software and recommended it to my dad who bought it. I have some feature requests, suggestions, thoughts etc. By giving these I am in no way implying I know better or dislike etc. My father uses steel laser cutting services who only accept DWG and DXF files. I have helped him with his workflow to convert through an online service, such as Convertio, by exporting as SVG then converted to DXF and then send onto the cutting company. This is annoying to him. Would it be possible to add DWG (or DXF, I think DWG would be more appropriate you). There is an issue of work flow when opening an SVG and the Document Settings default to crazy settings. Perhaps a custom config for that would make it quicker to set it correctly. For example; we both predominantly use mm, because we output to the real world most of the time, so I would export to SVG. If for some reason I have to open that SVG in Designer 2 I will get a document in px, and ppi is 72, and need 96 ppi, and the document dimensions are incorrect. I am unsure how well you can help with this since I know that, at least in part, the issue is caused by SVG standard. Would we have a dimensioning tool. Would be good to have it function like guides do with it’s manager etc. But have them output as vectors or raster depending what people are doing. The ruler tool works fine as a mechanism, but it doesn’t stay and there is only one. A combination of the Ruler tool and Guides would work great to dimension with.
  3. Hi. Until the update 1.9 I was able to export SVGs from Affinity Designer to Cricut Design Space at actual size - meaning if I design something that is 30x30cm, it opens in CDS at the same size. DPI needed to be set to 72 to achieve this. Since 1.9, the resulting SVG now opens in CDS a lot larger than the size it was created at. Fine for me, but not for my customers who buy the SVG. The 1.9.1 release does not fix this. Any reason why this is now happening, and is there a work around? Thanks.
  4. The 'Exporting' topic has a 'Working with SVGs' subtopic which returns an error when selected: Can’t reach this page Make sure the web address is correct Search for this site on Bing Refresh the page Refresh has no effect.
  5. The SVG export in AD of a text term (both frame and artistic) does not appear to recognize AD tracking correctly.The SVG made from AD puts the proper tracking between the first and second character of a single word, but then bunches all of the next letters together as if they had no tracking, but the last letter appears in its proper place at the very end with a large space before it, i.e., as if all of the other letters had been properly tracked. I have tried using kerning rather than tracking in creating the same single term (again in both frame and artistic text), but all metric options are greyed (not available). In this respect, I have to return to Illustrator which works better, although the tracking/kerning in the SVG is slightly less than in the original. BTW, I'm still trying to figure out how kerning vs tracking works in AD since it appears to be different than I understand from my publishing experience. Are there any posts or help articles that could illuminate my ignorance?
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