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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I created a cover with affinity photo, uploaded it and it went online, but on amazon it looks grainy and blurry. I've read that it's something related to rgb vs cmyk color profiles but I'm going crazy and I can't figure it out because looking at the pdf everything seems perfect, but the problems arise when the book is online i.e. 10-15h later. Is there anyone who can help me find the key to the problem? Thanks PS: I have attached a screenshot showing the difference between the pdf and the inside look on amazon
  2. First of all, greetings to everyone: Excuse my English, I know it's not very good, but I hope I can explain my problem. I am trying to publish a book in PDF format on Amazon KDP. I have the book written and laid out in Publisher, with the following settings for page size and margins. It is a book that only contains text, it does not contain images. My problem is that if I create the PDF file using Word, KDP parses and loads it correctly. But if I do the same with Affinity Publisher, there is no way it will load and parse the file correctly. No matter how much I adjust the margins of the document in Publisher, KDP does not interpret the file correctly. I have tried exporting it using different PDF formats (PDF/X-1, PDF 1.7, etc.), I have also tried exporting it by including the print marks in the PDF, but I always get the same result. KDP does not interpret the file correctly. I attach images with the page settings in Affinity Publisher, how the Affinity Publisher generated PDF looks like in Adobe Acrobat, and how it interprets the same KDP file when I upload it to your platform. Can anyone give me any idea what the problem is and how to solve it? Thank you very much.
  3. I'm trying to publish a paperback book on Amazon/KDP using Affinity Publisher. The problem is that half of the pages are missing when previewed on KDP. Per the KDP instructions, I created the AP document with "facing pages" layout (so margins and gutters are OK). My AP book contains 76 pages but the exported PDF only contains 39 pages. Page 1 in the PDF is OK but the remaining pages are "double-wides" -- each containing 2 "book pages". It looks like KDP is chopping off the right half of each PDF page so only the even-numbered (left-side) pages are left. I've contacted Amazon support but I'm guessing they're going to tell me to create a PDF with 76 pages -- i.e. one book page per PDF page. I've looked around the AP export options and don't see any way to do this. So, the question is, how do I export a 76-page "facing pages" document to a 76 page "single page" PDF? I hope this makes sense -- it's a little confusing. Thanks.
  4. A couple months ago I was asking for help from the community on technical issues around designing the book (thanks for that!) and since then the book was published and now available for purchase. I used both apps for designing the cover and back cover but used Lightroom for editing the black and white photos on the inside. Affinity probably would have done well on the inside was well. Generally quite pleased with the programs for layout and am looking forward to future versions! https://www.amazon.com/Changed-Forever-Jimbo-Bailey-Story/dp/B01MS1D4A7/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1484346928&sr=8-1&keywords=jimbo+bailey
  5. Hello, I was pleasantly surprised to discover I could import my raw files from Amazon Drive although the ui could have done a better job of showing it and that is why I was disappointed to see I could not export my work to the cloud storage the same easy way I had imported it. The option to call the amazon app from the share button doesn't work and the option to select Amazon after touching 'Ok' simply is not here. I think adding the already present functionalities from import to export should be in the next update. Thanks in advance to the dev team.
  6. I guess I should have read the help section before ordering through the website. If I wanted the poor care and damaged product that is typical of Amazon when they deliver books, I would have gone through them for the free 2 day shipping instead of waiting a week to see that it came through Amazon anyway. You should probably make that clear on the order page, by the way. I was *incredibly* disappointed to see that there was absolutely no value in ordering directly from you guys. In spite of Amazon's signature crunched corners and binding damage, it looks like it was originally a well made book, and I love well made books. I hope that I'm at least not disappointed in the content.
  7. Earlier this year I wrote a review on the Photoshop CC page at Amazon describing the advantages that Sketch had over Photoshop. The review got a lot of positive votes and rose to the featured reviews section. Now that I found out about Affinity Designer I gave some equal time talking about it in my review. If anyone here would like to mark the review as helpful it will keep it in the featured section and will be a great way to give Affinity more exposure to potential Adobe customers. See the following link to get to the review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R37N9QYFC1JY6L/ref=cm_cr_dp_title?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00CS75KKI&nodeID=229534&store=software I also would have mentioned Affinity in my Illustrator review as well but to be honest it didn't get rated very high. If someone would like to do a review comparing Illustrator to Affinity in the Illustrator section that should give it some good exposure. A lot of the reviews just focus on being anti-Adobe but rarely give you suggestions for what you should replace Adobe with. I am glad someone mentioned Affinity in the Adobe forums and I am sure many Amazon customers would appeciate knowing about this software as well.
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