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Found 10 results

  1. I have somehow gotten Publisher into a state where any use of the Delete, Backspace, or arrow (left/right/up/down) keys within the text frame on page 3 results in the insertion of a character that looks like an empty square. The .afpub file is too large to attach (29MB) but I'll supply it via the Dropbox link if someone on the Serif staff wants it.
  2. I exported the attached .afpub file, which contains 2 missing linked files, to PDF (for export). After pressing Export, entering the file name, and pressing Save, I received 4 warning/error popups, 2 for each missing file. (Also, note that the popups say the resource is Changed when actually it's missing as I moved and/or renamed them. In a way, it's correct that they "were changed outside the application", but missing seems like it should be a different and perhaps more severe situation. At the moment it doesn't seem to matter much, as even linked image remain embedded in the .afpub file, and export just fine. But that's a different issue ) move-linked-test.afpub [Edit: On the other hand, doing a Save As after opening that .afpub file, I get only 1 warning popup, for font.png, rather than the 2 popups I would expect.]
  3. I was playing with setting a stroke around some text, and I noticed some odd differences between what the Stroke panel shows and what the Character panel shows under Decorations. 1. The two red Style boxes agree that I have a line stroke. The green box in the Decorations panel never changes. It always shows that I have no stroke. 2. The two blue Width boxes show the same slider value for the stroke width, but the one in the Decorations panel is stuck on 0pt even though I have a 3pt stroke according to the slider and according to the Stroke panel.
  4. I like the new PDF Export option "Preview Export in External Viewer" but it's misnamed. A preview should occur before the action is performed, which would mean that Publisher should make a temporary copy of the PDF document, pass it to the viewer, and wait for the user to approve the results before saving the final copy. With the current implementation (save then invoke the viewer) the option would be more appropriately named "View Export in External Viewer After Saving".
  5. I have a Text Frame that is too big: I double-click on the bottom middle node to have Publisher resize it to fit, but Publisher apparently makes it slightly too small. Note the "eye" icon for overflow: By the way, if the bottom line happened to have a letter with a descender, the frame would not include all of the descender: Note the "y", "p", and "g". But, somehow, also notice that Publisher thinks this one fits (no overflow icon)?
  6. I suspect that the Insets settings on the Text Frame panel are not working correctly. There are 4 settings (left/right/top/bottom) but they are always forced to contain the same value. E.g., if I put ".2 in" in one of them the others also adjust to that value. As all are settable, it seems more likely that Publisher is intended to allow non-symmetric values, but it doesn't. [Edit: As mentioned below, it was really a UI rendering flaw in Publisher where the link/unlink icon is not shown properly. This should be fixed.]
  7. I accidentally posted about this in another thread since I was initially having issues with another problem when this one presented itself. Currently working with build For the most part, if I make a file as normal, save it, then export it to a PDF it works as it should. Now, let's say you've made a few that needs to be split into 2 separate pages for some reason and then go back to export the first page and the second via the dropdown menu for Area set to current page. What I've found is that the previously exported file is instantly removed during this process and it does not allow you to rename the new file to something else before the old file is removed. Thinking I had done something wrong, I go back and try to export the next page and try to rename it to another name, only now that previously exported file that had a different name is now gone. This sort of behavior also presents itself if you save the file into separate folders as well. The only time it does not do this is if the file is open in another program (say Adobe PDF viewer) or has been renamed within File Explorer right after it's been exported. Now, what's odd is that this sort of behavior does not occur in Affinity Designer and Photo at all and I can generate as many differently named PDF files as I want. Exporting JPEG's, PNG, and even PSD all appear to export fine, just not PDF.
  8. Just tried to open a couple test files from previous beta....and it's crashing...(aware could be expected) I tested with 'small' previous test files and seem to open OK but multiple pages with a greater variety of objects..fails including one highlighted as a recovery file
  9. Applying the "no break" option results in text expanding beyond the text frame. Happening since version.
  10. I like the additions to the Text format Panel but wouldn't it save an operation if a 'Duplicate' option was added to the Panel. (similar to the process with brushes in AD) Currently you have to apply 'edit copy of' in the Table Formats panel
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