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Found 4 results

  1. Have just installed the latest beta. Installation was rather slower than previous versions, especially for the M$ NET requirement but seemed to go without hitch. Following a reboot, the new version opened and, although I have not seriously tested it yet, seems to perform without difficulty. However, when I just now returned to my computer I was confronted with a security message from my AV, Bullguard Internet Security, with a message that a series of files, apparently installed at the time of the upgrade are Trojans and they have been quarantined! I assume these files actually came from the NET Framework installation since they were all located in C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_64\System.Web.Routing\ or C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_32\Presentatio53a7a42c#\ or C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_32\Microsoft.VisualC\ Obviously (I hope) there are additional file names at the end of each string above, 4 for the first location, 2 for the second and 8 for the third. All are described by Bullguard as "Trojan.Generic". I can retrieve these files from quarantine but have not done so yet since AD still seems to run without problem, but I would welcome a developer's/moderator's input on this. Thoughts/advice, please! Thank you. Jeff
  2. When I tried to open the FF Chartwell 2.0 User Manual (available from here) Affinity Designer displayed the following error message: "This file could not be opened. Ensure it is a valid PDF document." Upon examining the document properties in PDF-XChange Editor, I discovered that 'Content Copying for Accessibility' is allowed but 'Content Copying' is not. I presume this is the reason why Designer can't open the document, but the error message isn't as helpful as it might be.
  3. Status: Public Beta Purpose: Stability Requirements: None Download: Here (Temporarily removed build, new version arriving shortly, please bear with us) We hope you enjoy the latest build, and as always, if you've got any problems, please don't hesitate to post here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks once again for your continued feedback. If you have a general question about the software, please head over to the Questions Forum, or if you have any suggestions, please head over to the Feature Requests forum. Fixes Fixed customised tools toolbar not being remembered on app run up Fixed tools panel not saving the last used flyout Fixed tools panel 'Reset' resetting the columns as opposed to the actual toolbar Fixed crash when a new version is available and the tools panel is floating Fixed transform panel tabbing order Fixed grid colours not being remembered Fixed crash double clicking swatches Fixed Character and Paragraph tabs open with sections collapsed Fixed pressing Tab to hide studio failing to properly hide a panel docked to the left Fixed snapping curves when extending a curve with PenTool Fixed PDF import to use MediaBox instead of CropBox for page size Fixed PDF import to use multiple pages laid out in a 2D grid rather than a straight line Fixed PDF export when the colour format of the PDF is set by a rasterised area that does not contain bitmaps (it should default to the export format in this case) Fixed PDF export applying alpha transparency twice to rasterised areas Assets can be dropped with constraints active onto whichever artboard contained the mouse at the time (rather than the first artboard) Fixed swatch appearance setting not being remembered after closing app Fixed Asset list mode setting not being remembered Fixed fault in swatch palette appearance with large/medium icons Fixed Grid and Axis Manager Advanced setting not being remembered Fixed no highlight when tabbing on non-input fields Fixed outline view mode button having an incorrect tooltip Fixed clicking View Point in the dropdown list not loading when only 1 View Point exists Fixed being unable to zoom in with Ctrl and + on German keyboard Fixed being unable to open Windows Assets on Mac and vice versa Fixed Assets panel crash in non-English language Fixed crash when selecting drop-down for paragraph alignment (and others) Fixed loading of PSD files with pattern strokes Fixed object styles to include text formatting Fixed text handling to deal with dead keys, shortcuts and other keyboard issues Fixed crash in double-click on recent swatch Fixed export area not greyed out with no selection Added WMF/EMF presets and updated UI Fixed export overwriting existing file Fixed crash with shortcuts when no document open Fixed text not printing correctly Fixed WARP10 identification fallback when application starts (previously would say no hardware available) Added 'Use hardware Direct3D' option, which when unticked will use WARP10 instead Fixed crash when loading non-WEBP RIFF files (e.g.CorelDraw files) Fixed right-alt drag not duplicating Fixed typing problems in Help dialog Added OpenType Positional Alternates Fixed Layer panel continuously drawing Fixed menu bar hit boxes being too small Fixed pressing Enter in Transform panel after tabbing to input field adding extra line Fixed being unable to resize constraints tab Fixed New Document dialog Page Dimension boxes moving when Actual Size zoom is changed Fixed Colour panel flyout always resetting to HSL Colour Wheel Fixed dropping files, cancelling a PDF import, or having a PDF import fail causing the application to not close due to "Opening files" error message Fixed being unable to apply a font that has no Postscript name Fixed Clip To Canvas so it is always available (doesn't require a view), and is correctly remembered Fixed PDF export always converting text to curves Fixed Artboard names being ignored in the Export dialog Fixed being unable to open WMF files Fixed adjusting a value in the paragraph panel adding too many history entries Fixed crash when trying to place an .afdesign file that is currently open Fixed closing a PDF document not releasing it's file handle until the application is closed Changed "Before Paragraph Indent" to "Space Before Paragraph", and similarly for After, this is now consistent with command history and text styles Fixed studio docking problems Fixed PDF export to avoid using layers inside transparency groups Fixed pressure from Touch, Windows Pen, and Wacom Pen input Fixed being unable to search fonts using a previous letter Fixed opening a RAW file from a Unicode path Fixed manually typing gradient stops not positioning correctly Fixed Channel Mixer on Adjustment dialogs opening halfway off the screen Changed the short title for the Stroke panel to 'Str' instead of 'Lin' Fixed crash when undoing a 'deleted' layer via dragging to the bin icon on the Layers panel Fixed Channel Mixer on Adjustment dialogs Grey, CMYK and LAB not working correctly Fixed Colour Picker tool missing from keyboard shortcuts Fixed crash when maximising Help on second monitor Fixed editing a global colour using tint not updating object Fixed crash when entering CTRL+Tab as a keyboard shortcut Fixed blank entry in Keyboard Shortcuts (toggle constraints page) Fixed tooltip for Toggle UI shortcut being incorrect Added multiple gaps to snapping Fixed Export dialog showing More options incorrectly Fixed crash when entering large values in the New Document / Document Setup dialogs Fixed being unable to re-select Passthrough in blend modes Fixed no error message being shown if Export fails Fixed inconsistency in Units for some text attributes Fixed slow PSD load Fixed some UI being too small when translated Added additional translations Fixed being unable to install or crashing at startup due to corrupted Windows update (no longer ship the Visual C++ Redistributable) Upgraded .NET Framework to 4.6.2 to enable per-monitor DPI Known Issues The .NET installer can fail during the installation, try rebooting your computer as updates are pending On Windows 7, the view can flicker when resizing the window
  4. If I select some artistic or frame text in build and copy or cut it to the Windows clipboard, I can see it on the clipboard but I can't paste it at the text cursor.
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