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  1. Thanks Firstdefence. Obviously I've been looking at the screen too long and gone blind BG
  2. Please can someone tell me what I've done and how to correct it? I'm working in Photo and when I come to crop the image the overlay is black (or dark grey). Normally this wouldn't be too much of an issue but on some images I cannot see the overlay which is a bit of a pain. How do I reset the colour of the crop tool overlays? Thanks in Advance
  3. Thanks for the update - the new link worked :-) However (and I think this is my system) I cannot get the Affinity installer to run. Would be interested if anyone gets it to work on LUbuntu 18.0.4 and if so what packages need installing after a fresh install.
  4. Hi For info this does not appear to work! To be exact the curl command to get the wine tar file point to a file that either does not exist or is protected in some way which prohibits download. Shame really but there you go - save anyone else wasting a couple of hours trying to work out why they can't extract the tar file
  5. Benymnd, Personally I never flatten if I can avoid it. If you keep the layers you can go back and amend them if you find the effect too strong later on. Also if you get an effect you like it's easier to apply to another image as you can simply copy the layers across. The only time and flattening occurs is when I output the final image (as a jpeg, tiff, bmp etc) and I use the export function to achieve a flattened image. I keep the layered image in a file native to the editor (Affinity Photo or Photoshop) so I can always go back and see what I did or rework the image to get a different effect. Having said all that sometimes you have to flatten an image because too many layers has a significant impact on screen update speed and each layer is recalculated for every change. Even then I'll save a copy of the working file under a new name first just in case I want to come back. That's my thoughts anyway :) M
  6. He already gave instructions via a link in the youtube video description. To save you looking the link is https://www.xresch.com/fire-effect-smoke-brushes-gradient-map-504/ Not the greatest detail but it is a start from which to experiment - have fun
  7. Hi I had a similar problem on my laptop :( I fixed mine by changing the taskbar behaviour to autohide. For me at least it seems Affinity was displaying to the bottom of the screen and not taking into account the height of the taskbar. But I'm running Windows 7 so it might not work for any other version (and equally it could just be my setup)
  8. I duly stand corrected. Strange that they don't mention 64bit when they specifically mention 32 but there you go. Looks like tomorrow will be spent building another machine and see how far I can get :) If I get it to work I'll let you know.
  9. NNois Interesting - and indeed I may be wrong BUT (and I'm on Ubuntu) I can only install or run 32 bit apps using wine. If you can point me at the wine which fully supports 64 bit (and doesn't simply run on 64 bit machines) then I'll build a machine and test it. I'd also appreciate a link to winehq where supports your claim that wine supports 64bit programs.
  10. I've just had a look on Winehq and my guess is that Affinity will not work under wine anytime soon. I'm basing this on their install instructions which near the beginning say "If your system is 64 bit, enable 32 bit architecture" which I take to mean that wine only supports 32 bit software and since Affinity is 64 it's a non-starter. And here https://wiki.winehq.org/Wine_Features it specifically says there is only 32-bit compatibility :-(
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