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  1. is it possible to assign a hotkey to this action? Because if there is I didn't see it in the Hotkey Preferences
  2. oh sorry, I just meant critiques on the overall design, but I see now what you were saying about the logo. While that is pretty cool, I think I'm just gonna stick with what I got, bc like I said, it depends on how you look at it.
  3. Thanks, but I guess I should've said "critiques welcome, but not about the logo itself", because I've already been using it an love the way it looks. and I sort of designed it to be like an optical illusion, it depends on the way you look at it: Thanks for replying, though!
  4. I usually find it's helpful to google any potential ideas first for inspiration (and to make sure you're being original lol) That being said, I really like the idea, and I think it'd do really well on a t-shirt. Just a few suggestions- move the eyes a little closer together make the legs slightly larger round the top of the helmet a little more make the top of the shoulders a little more tapered that's all I can think of off the top of my head, good luck!
  5. So this was something I made in my time between paid jobs, and I gotta say, even at a ridiculously huge size and with a TON of layers, AD didn't even lag a little, I love it so much. Anyway, it's a wallpaper using the logo for my (eventual) design company. Critiques welcome! (I made two versions, one with the name and one without)
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