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  1. Fantastic. Aperture's eventual collapse has me worried as I'm packing more and more photos in. Tried Lightroom every year but hate it's rigid "modes". For a photography DAM app, these are the killer features (excluding fast, stable, non-crap UI): Referenced files: let me choose where to store the RAW files (so many apps can use it), and the DAM generates previews for fast display that it stores within itself Easy backup: love this feature from Aperture, but it only works for managed libraries. Easily navigate a chronological library: three decades of digital photos and counting Smart albums (by any metadata just like Aperture) Mapping: I geotag everything and love exploring my map (please allow it to go fullscreen, not tiny windowed like Aperture) Stacks: for marking a set of photos as related (ex: to remember to make a panorama) Versions: unlimited versions from non-destructive edits Importing all my work from Aperture would be nice, but honestly it's just a viewer for me. I'd be very happy with a tool that just makes enjoying my photos and managing thousands of them a breeze.
  2. I noticed in Affinity Photo 1.4, the preferences pane changed a lot. I track all my custom preferences on my site here in case of meltdown and to share with others: http://manuals.gravitydept.com/workspace/mac-apps/affinity-photo When exporting or resizing the canvas, I was never sure which resampling method to use. It seems odd that the one which produces the worst quality (but is fastest) is the default. I finally decided to lookup and document what they all do. They all seem fast enough to me, so I always want the one with the best quality. I think it'd be nice to set the resampling mode as a user preference so I don't have to remember to switch it every time I export.

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