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  1. I selected the image cropping tool in Affinity Photo to adjust the cropping guide. Then, the clipping guide(overlay) will stick out the photo. I don't want Photo's clipping range to go beyond the photo area. In other words, I want it to behave like Photoshop.
  2. I tried that beta version. This issue was solved. I'm waiting for the next update. Thanks.
  3. I have enabled / disabled the context menu and it doesn't change. --- Photo 1.8.1, macOS Mojave 10.14.6
  4. There is an error in the display of the second toolbar from the top that switches when selecting each tool in the left menu. The display is blurred as if a small image was stretched. --- Photo 1.8.1, macOS 10.14.6
  5. Excuse me, I'm asking about the behavior of the "setting itself". It can't be selected(Metal grayed out) in Affinity Photo, and can be selected and changed in Designer. Is this the behavior that Affinity aimed at?
  6. Are you asking me if I measured the benchmark? I do not know physically. Excuse me, I'm not asking for performance, I want to know if it is normal or abnormal that I can not select the Display setting on Photo. Photo is grayed out with Metal displayed. Designer can change the selection.
  7. When I checked the RAW engine on the main Mac, it was "Apple". When I changed to "Serif Labs", the lens profile was displayed and selectable. Thank you.
  8. It is not confirmation on main Mac, but has been checked and grayed out on another Mac.
  9. I don't have my main Mac(Mac Pro 2010) now, but I checked the RAW files taken with the same camera on another Mac(MBP 2012). At this time, when the RAW engine is Serif Labs, the lens profile name is displayed and I can select enable/disable. However, when the RAW engine is Apple, the lens is grayed out in the "Not supported" display. I didn't check the RAW engine on the main Mac. It may be the same as this.
  10. The video is displayed around 3:03, but I have grayed out that switch.
  11. I'm using Photo version 1.7, Desinger 1.7 for Mac. I had a question when looking at the GPU settings for these settings (performance). My graphic card is AMD Radeon RX580. This display state differs between Photo and Designer. Display is grayed out in Photo. Metal is displayed. Of course I can't choose. However, in the case of Designer, I can select Display and change to software or OpenCL. Which behavior is correct? --- Photo, Designer 1.7, macOS 10.14.5
  12. I read the following topic. I use the Mac version, but Affinity Photo uses the lens profile included with macOS. I'm using Panasonic DMC-GX7 and included in the lens profile list. When I look at the lens tab in Photo (RAW), it is displayed as a non-compatible lens. The same is true when I open a file taken with a Sony camera or Tamron lens. I think that the profile is applied but I am worried because I think distortion etc. are corrected when I look at the image. Is this normal behavior? Is it an error? --- Affinity Photo 1.7(stable), macOS 10.14.5
  13. In other words, since Skylum made a non-usual Photoshop plugin, is it impossible for Affinity to use it?
  14. This is a plain problem that has been occurring since the early days. STEP: Enter Quick mask mode Draw a mask area Move the cursor to the photo Cancel Quick mask mode Move the cursor Then, the place where the cursor was placed is apparently displayed as a selected area. In fact it is not a selection area. Only visible dotted line display. This has occurred since around Affinity Photo was released. I would like to improve this soon. --- macOS Mojave 10.14.2 | Affinity Photo 1.6.7 | Nvidia GTX680(Current)
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