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  1. In other words, since Skylum made a non-usual Photoshop plugin, is it impossible for Affinity to use it?
  2. Pigny

    Remaining of selection area

    This is a plain problem that has been occurring since the early days. STEP: Enter Quick mask mode Draw a mask area Move the cursor to the photo Cancel Quick mask mode Move the cursor Then, the place where the cursor was placed is apparently displayed as a selected area. In fact it is not a selection area. Only visible dotted line display. This has occurred since around Affinity Photo was released. I would like to improve this soon. --- macOS Mojave 10.14.2 | Affinity Photo 1.6.7 | Nvidia GTX680(Current)
  3. I use Luminar 3, but Photoshop plugins provided by Luminar(include other Skylum software) can't be used with Affinity Photo. Is this all I have to give up? I expect the affinity version DAM.
  4. I also have similar questions. I'm Mac Pro 2010, High Sierra. The graphics chip is nvidia GTX680. This chip is compatible with metal1. Other applications also recognize metal. I don't know whether "Metal1 correspondence" automatically evolves to "Metal2". This is an imagination. Or, because metal uses natural hardware acceleration, it is judged that there is no need to select it, and the hardware acceleration item is grayed out? But when I select OpenGL, it remains grayed out and don't change.
  5. I recently learned that DAM is being developed under the Affinity brand. I was originally an Aperture user, and I'm migrationing to Lightroom now. However, I'm still not familiar with LR. I heard this information at such time. It is good news for me and I want to expect new environment. There was information that development began in 2016, which stage is the development progressing now? Is there a screenshot image under development? Is Affinity DAM similar to Lightroom, or Aperture, or Luminar? Is such information still too early?
  6. It was a problem caused by language setting. The problem was solved if it was executed as the link below. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/41000-crash-when-using-a-non-localised-language/?p=205924
  7. I will also crash. I can only operate tutorial content. Application only crash by touching everything else. iPad Air2 / iOS 10.3.2 / Japanese
  8. When I output it from Aperture.app and edit it by Affinity Photo and save it, it becomes unsupport image format. The output format from Aperture.app is PSD and TIF. It is a result same as both. I edit it many times and repeat save. And I can save it normally if lucky.