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  1. it's great to be able to dbl click on the slider to reset the value to default. how about using the mouse scroll wheel to change the value of the slider? TIA!
  2. allow field for export directory to be specified during export. create dir if doesn't exist allow filename to be renamed according to specific naming pattern.
  3. i like affinity photo, however, not being able to edit raw develop settings or apply it to other raw files is rather limiting. I still have the old LR 5, but have been using ACDSee in the past year. ACDSee's DAM and development is pretty good, but i don't like the way ACDSee's non-destructive edits work. it creates a copy somewhere on the disk as the original. A DAM would be very nice indeed with AP, just make sure it is thoroughly load tested/debugged before release. looking forward.