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  1. Stephen J Whitworth

    Work Books

    I do appreciate those that have replied as above most sincerely. I know that there are a lot of resources out there but when you head over to U Tube it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff frankly. The hard backed books that Serif produces are all official and being a book enables you to sit down of an evening and browse through techniques and examples of how to use both Affinity Photo and Designer. Although the digital book would be an option it is still not my preferred option as I prefer the book. Serif having come up with something quite outstanding it falls down ( literally) on delivery.
  2. Stephen J Whitworth

    Work Books

    Amazon UK will also not supply.
  3. Stephen J Whitworth

    Work Books

    Amazon USA ONLY have second hand and at prices TWICE the normal price as a consequence. There is also some doubt as to whether they are the latest editions as Serif do not advise the date of publishing nor whether they have any updates. In a digital world Serif seems to be stuck in the past albeit it would be lovely to have the original book but it's impossible. Await my review on Apple posts. How is the UK open for business?
  4. Stephen J Whitworth

    Work Books

    I log onto the web site and whether I like it or not the local currency is displayed and then come to buy the books only then do I find out they cannot be shipped here. You deliver and sell the software what is the point without the guide which seems absolutely necessary to learn about it and why is this not even available through Apple. I will be making a similar complaint to Apple that the guide is an integral part of the software and without it makes it difficult to use. Perhaps they should withdraw it from their Itunes store and is it really BEYOND the scope of Serif to supply the book even through a local bookshop in an ENGLISH speaking country? Seems so. Stop making excuses and make it available. Expect a post on Apple recommending AGAINST buying the software as Serif cannot even supply the book in any form to support the software.
  5. Stephen J Whitworth

    The Books

    By all accounts the information and feedback I see online about the the manuals for both designer and photo have rave reviews and i would just love to have a copy of each. However, I live in a place that you do not ship to! Is there a digital version of both books? Frankly I would prefer the hard copy to sit down with a real book and browse is still the best!

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