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  1. This may be a dumb question but I want to be super sure I don't mess anything up. My new Affinity Photo software only worked for three weeks. Is it possible I could fix it by uninstalling & reinstalling and, if so, would it be safe to use the original product key they sent me when I bought it? Or do they need to send me a new product key before I try this? I can't find any way to contact support. Their site says to use Twitter!
  2. I bought this program during the Black Friday sale, and everything was going just fine until the 14-day return period passed. Now the program no longer works. The image (ironically edited in Photoshop) shows what I see-- there are no live tools and the program no longer does anything. If I can't get hold of somebody who can fix this, I have no choice except to charge back the price I paid for this program since I can't use it.
  3. Huh. Well, it's working now, so I don't know why the image didn't open last night. Maybe it was on my end, who knows.