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  1. Hi dcarvalho84, thanks for your answer! But I'm sorry, even though I work with the latest version ( I can't find a button "K-Only" in the near of "replace image"! ??? I work with Mac Mojave
  2. Hallo AdamW, in the version I found a solution to place greyscale-images from Photoshop into Affinity Publisher, and then, after creating a PDF, to get real K-pictures! Now, one day later, after updating to the same document gives me instead of K-images pictured in CMYK. What's wrong, how have I to proceed my work to get only K-images? Please, give me your statement in an easy understandable English! Many thanks in advance vinzent
  3. Hello, my name is Vinzent, I'm a new user of Affinity Publisher and I' sorry, that my English is not that good! So I have a lot of questions! Here the most importand two: 1. When I place a "Black and White-image" into a picture frame and create a Pdf, that "Black and White-Picture" then has been changed into a 4-Color-Image! Please give me a hint to solve that problem! 2. After marking text-elements from a WORD_Document and placing it by "Cut and Paste" into a text frame, this text will not change into the same "Text-frame-attributs" (Size, Typo etc.) of the Affinity text frame! I hope, you will understand my problems and so I'm looking forward to your aid!!! Many thanks in advance vinzent
  4. Hi Chris, you're absolutly right - and I'm such frustrated you can't imagine!!! I swear, this morning it worked as I discribed in my last thread. And now, placing the same image results in a 4C-picture again! There is only one picture (Greyscale) that appeares after creating a PDF as a B/W-image. A L W A Y S!!! Even though it has the same alignments as all the others which I want to place. Does anyone know, when the regular software of Affinity Publisher will be available. I suppose there are any bugs in this Beta-version which causes my problems. I'm forced to deliver B/W-pictures to my customer, because they only print one-coloured brochures!!!
  5. Hello, sorry that you didn't hear from me the last days, but I was too busy! Now ich found the reason for my problem konverting 4C-images into B/W-pictures! When I change my 4C-image over "Mode" > "grayscale-picture" (Photoshop), the PDF-result will be a 4C-image! However when I konvert this 4C-image over "setting level" > "black and white", I'll get the desired B/W-PDF. I hope, you understand what I try to explain, because I use my Photoshop as a German version. So I'm likely not be able to the correct English terms. Thanks to all who tried to help me and have a nice christmastime!!!
  6. Thank you so much walt.farrel. That's really a good and easy way! I have tried the method Haakoo suggested (creating a text style) and succeded too, but your method is great. So, many thanks to all the nice fellows who spent their time to help me. Now I can begin solvin the other problem (placing a Black and White-Image without changing into a '4- or 3-colour picture depending on CMYK or RGB). I hope you to have some further good Advices for that Problem!
  7. Hi chris26, unfortunately I don't come to an end with your hints in relation to my problems with the 'Black and Wite'- Images. Here I try it to explain it in a more understandeable way. My original image is a '4-colour-picture' (RGB). I converted this Picture via Photoshop in a 'Black and White'-picture (grey-gradient mode). So this image contains of one chanel. My desire now is, to place this picture to Affinity Publisher just as it is (only black). But each time I ty to transfer to Affinity, the result of that image after creating a PDF is a 4-colour (CMYK)-image!!! That cannot depend on the attitudes of Adobe Adrobat pro, because when I make a PDF with the same picture with InDesign, everything's OK. I'm very desperated!!!
  8. Another problem!!! All my text copied into a Publisher textframe is not only Black but 4-coloured. But of course flowing text should be one-coloured, black and overprinting! HELP!!!!!
  9. Thanks for all your advices! Moving Text from InDesign to Publisher make no problems. What I want is to place a text from WORD into a Publisher-textframe via clipboard. When done, this text should change into the allignments of the Publisher-text frame. For example: My WORD-text is Helvetica 10pt and my Affinity-Textframe has the allignment Times 12pt. After the placing of my WORD-text this text shoult have the attribut Times 12pt!
  10. Hi folks, Because of the lack of English-Kowledge it will take some time to come to understand (or not???) your suggestion on my first question. This I will do later! Point 2: I interprete your hint to take over Text from WORD to PUBLISHER in this way, that in the end I will have to change the preferred attributs in Affinity anyway!? Thats, what I do since I changed from InDesign to Affinity. I 'cut and paste' the text from WORD without any changes and change the text in PUBLISHER. That's not impossible for me but sometimes very time-consuming. When I placed a text from WORD to InDesign some times ago, in the rule InDesign took over the WORD-text and transferred it into its own attributes (that I created before). When this not possible with Affinity Publisher yet, I have to accept it, hoping for later versions! Good Night for today!
  11. Hi Chris26, first many thanks for your promt reply. Give me please a littele time ton translate correctly and to understand and to try out what you suggested. I will report later.