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  1. thx all for the hints (dont suppose its so complicated...) with my experience the method with "w/2" works. i first tried it with afphoto and tif files and it worked and reduced both. (i tried it a second time with tiff format only it works one time and one time not - but maybe there was a failing input from me) it is not the optimum way, because there is no percentage possibility, but for a workaround it should be enought. thx, wiso
  2. hallo, i fail to do a batch prozessing for downsizing pics in percent (affinity photo). lets say i will reduce a lot of tifs about 50%. i make a makro with change document 50% - proportion locked. if i use this in a batch processing, it doesn´t work because the pics are always disorted - the proportion do not match. what to do? thanks for hints, wiso
  3. hallo again, works great! but in macro recording there is no way to integrate this percentage in croping, isn´t it? means that it every time i release the macro it adds x1.2to high and length - anywhere how big the picture is?! (it saves only the "fixed" size wich was recorded) regards, wiso
  4. thank you all, think one/the easy way is to take the marquee tool and cut the unwanted away - then take the crop tool to make the space around. (i thought maybe there is a funktion to turn off the undestructive cropping ...) by the way, has someone an idea or a hint for proportional increase the croping area? so that i get a regular margin around my pic? either a key combination to increase the croping area regular around the pic with one handle dragging nor a possibility to put in numbers, ~ 20% space around the pic. thx again, regards, wiso
  5. hello, is it possible to cut a picture destructive? e.g. means that the border of the pic is not aviable again, when i use the crop tool again. my workflow is: crop the picture (remove red marked area) . use crop tool again to make the canvas bigger, for making a shadow and export it as png. thx, wiso
  6. apply presets on raw batch processing would be a great thing! regards, wiso
  7. dear sirs, after the update of all 3 affinity programs today, in the start screen was promised different assets for an registration. i logged in, and registerd with my email and account dates and the registration was ok, but then the offer was lost... where can i find it? regards, wiso
  8. gladly, wiso master_PA_se03_DSC03232_Panorama_patch__p0_t-90_r-90_6129_f57_0738ur.tif stativ03.afselection
  9. thank you for your fast answer, but now i tried it again and noticed that it has nothing to do with the turn of the selection, but the filling did not work if i only load the selection and tried to fill it. https://www.wisocast.at/video/affinity02/bug affinity2.html best regards, wiso
  10. dear sirs, if i load a selection from file, press "Q", turn the selection, press "q" again, take the lasso tool and fill the selection, the filling is always bad. if i draw the selection with lasso tool and fill it result is good. please see the video: https://www.wisocast.at/video/affinity/bug%20affinity%20high.html thank you, wiso
  11. hello, yes, would be fine to save "Selection without Background" as default! greetings, wiso
  12. hello, is there a possibility to scale the perspective grid proportional. with a shortcut and the mouse. in ps i can set the corner points of the grid and then with strg-alt-uppercase enlarge the grid proportional. background : i set the corners of the main object and then i enlarge the grid to get more picture... thank you, wiso
  13. thank you very much stokerg, i think the "merge down" action, before removing the equirectangular live filter - that was the secret! works fine now, thanks, wiso
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