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  1. hello, yes, would be fine to save "Selection without Background" as default! greetings, wiso
  2. hello, is there a possibility to scale the perspective grid proportional. with a shortcut and the mouse. in ps i can set the corner points of the grid and then with strg-alt-uppercase enlarge the grid proportional. background : i set the corners of the main object and then i enlarge the grid to get more picture... thank you, wiso
  3. thank you very much stokerg, i think the "merge down" action, before removing the equirectangular live filter - that was the secret! works fine now, thanks, wiso
  4. hallo and good evening, i tried the folowing: filter live projection/equirectangular than i placed the text and made my dissortion. but then i have two pixel layers (text and photo) and can not remove the live filter, so that the text is in the 360° picture. (here is a video in photoshop, where is shown what i mean: https://youtu.be/a1qExFMpYvU ) i dont know where is the mistake, thank you for help, wiso
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